This week's study is from Numbers 16:1 – 18:32. We see the people kept rebelling against Moses but this time Yahweh's patience ran out. 14,950 people where killed before there time, due to their rebellion. We must all follow Yahweh's instructions and separate ourselves from the unclean.


3 thoughts on “Do You Want to Die Before Your Time (Weekly Torah Parashah)

  1. Something I found quite interesting in this parashah is when YHVH tells Eleazar son of Aharon to gather the incense pans because they were holy unto Him even though the self-appointed “cohenim” were the ones who offered incense in them. They got to minister, but they were consumed for not being appointed by YHVH. That shows that even though there are wolves (self-appointed ministers) amongst Yah’s sheep, His will is done and He is ultimately glorified and exalted. Woe to the self-appointed ones!

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