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Dr. Sandra Rangel took good care of herself by exercising and eating what she thought was healthy. Nevertheless, a few years later in December of 2006, she was diagnosed with cancer of her left vocal cord, which was already at stage three.

Hear her story of how God healed her and now she is on a raw vegan diet.

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42 thoughts on “Doctor Gets Cancer and Goes On a Raw Food Diet

  1. . We are all one. race is an illusion. we are all particles vibrating at a high speed so that we appear solid but we are far from it. One humanity, One world, One Love.

  2. Genesis 1:29 is our original diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts. By eating this way your body will stay alkaline and healthy and have all the nutrition and minerals to function the way the body was designed to function.
     God says all fruits and vegetables that have or produce seed, mushrooms don’t have seed and therefor should not be eaten it is a fungus. If you’ve ever suffered from candida albicans than you know what I’m talking about. You can get all types of fungal infections but you’ll never get an infection from a plant that produces seed.

  3. I am so happy to know she is alive and well! My mom passed away from cancer and sadly, the CHEMO killed her quicker than the cancer would have naturally. I say NO CHEMO…Raw food! Our food does have healing properties! JESUS does heal…I have seen others who put their total faith in Him healed.

    • tommarvoloz2k9 you stand corrected. I have a friend she’s been cancer free for two decades no chemo no radiation. raw diet. juicing. She is a walking testimony. so yes. You can heal cancer the natural route. Also Faith God is real. I believe in Miracles💜

    • tommarvoloz2k9

      Steve Jobs was trying to go vegan so he ate soy isolates [fake meats/Franken-foods], they look good, they smell good when cooked, and they actually taste great.

      Unfortunately, these soy isolates are proven to increase cellular proliferation which promotes tumor growth. I wish it wasn’t so because I used to enjoy the ‘fake meats’, as I was a vegetarian at the time.

      I would just add Italian herbs/olive oil and some sea salt to the fake meats while cooking them and they did taste great.

      Anyway, the processed soy/tofu products sold in America and in most nations are not the long-term fermented quality type produced and used in various dishes as in Japan. It is a tolally different ballgame, especially, considering the glyphosate residue on gm soy crops in America.

      Please research about glyphosate residue and cancer, especially, breast cancer

      And do some in-depth nutritional science research

  4. All you anti-God people ! She believes in God, you don’t. Her belief helps her. How is that a problem for you? Please stop the mockery. It ain’t necessary ! What is important is that she got cured and how she did it was amazing.

    • Mike Smith

      Jesus is the prototype of the ‘Christ within’, a person’s consciousness.

      Higher-consciousness living creates a love for self, thus taking care of oneself – which naturally extends to the love and care of others.

      YouTube: Jesus = Saturn

      The ruling elites made him up as well

  5. Thank you so much for this interview.  I was very moved by this person’s story.  As  a scientist and an aspiring RD, I love how Dr. Rangel explained about her treatments, diet change, but most importantly, her relationship with God- she persevered.

  6. Nobel-prize winning Doctor Otto Warburg discovered that cancer is caused when normal cells are denied oxygen due to acidosis, and they transform into semi-anaerobic cells (cancer cells) in order to adapt. Cancer simply cannot exist in an alkaline environment, and this is why the alkaline-forming raw vegetable diet prescribed by Doctor Max Gerson (in the 1940’s and 1950’s) cured people of even advanced stage cancers. (HIs daughter Charlotte is in her 90’s and still cures people of cancer with that diet.) Correcting the diet is the correct, long-term “fix.” However, there is a quick and easy way to alkalize the body; the long-sought “magic bullet” cancer cure. For more, visit and see the video

  7. God Bless you. So very happy for you Sandra. Thank you for your beautiful testimony. God is the Great Physician and a God of Miracles. ❤

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