A year ago I fell hard and thought I sprained my wrist. It started to bother me so I went to the doctor and he told me I broke a bone in my wrist. In this video I explain why doctors make me (and you) sick Doctors Make Me Sick

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20 thoughts on “Doctors make me sick

  1. Its even worst here in Toronto Paul. I am dealing with IBD and my family doctor is selling Botox and “Halal” socks from her practice. Last week I went there and ultrasound result showed “gallbladder filled with gallstones” And she just read to me the results and did nothing, didnt tell me one single remedy or anything to do! I had to research and get Chanca Piedra and did a liver flush according to the teaching of the late Andreas Moritz. I cant believe these “doctors” get paid for having the attention span of a goldfish and the enthusiasm of a sloth

  2. I broke my pelvis and popped my acl in my knee, both times they said I had to have an operation for steel pins. I did my research and both times it healed just fine on its own. Im happy you are okay.

  3. Can you elaborate how you eliminated the stress in your life? I have the same issue. and you arr right about medicine today. I work for a big health institution and its all big business.

  4. 6 yrs ago I broke arm. Same kind of experience. Didn’t even get to see this expert I paid for. They Didnt Even Want To Wrap It. It took forever to heal. I broke it agsin 2 yrs later. I Used Oil From Remnant Remedy and wrapped in linen and it healed half the time.

  5. Same thing happened to me in one form or another.  I had 3 breaks in my wrist.  It happened in Athens and the docs there said I may need surgery after they painfully reset the bones.  I was feeling ok.  Fine, in fact.  When I got back to the States, the question was, Can I do downward facing dog (yoga position) if I don’t have surgery and instead do cast on cast ( weekly change of casts)? No.  Can I do it with surgery?  Yes.  They failed to tell me how long this surgery would take to heal and how long it would be before I could get into yoga poses.  It seemed it was going to be an immediate reprieve.  And now it seems like it is going to take a year.  I am almost able to hold my weight in DFD but one must be careful especially after I heard a radio ad about the hospital I went to proudly stating how many surgeries are performed a year.  That was supposed to instill confidence in future patients to go to that hospital rather than others.

  6. I enjoyed your video. I agree with you about doctors. I am 65 and I don’t even have a doctor.  I eat right and stay healthy. If I ever need stiches, I have tape.  Mary

  7. I know how irritating these visits can be, especially when you go see these specialists and they don’t give you the time, they don’t listen to why you came, listen to what kind of help you need from them and then they just say they will see you in two months! For what?! They didn’t do anything for you when you were there the first time. My 16 year old son, can not experience teenage life because he has chronic pain every night, every night! Because of this, he can’t sleep at night until the pain eases up. He will fall asleep around 6 in the morning and wake up around 1 to 1:30 pm. Not even childrens hospital has anything to add to advice or medical help. I have always said, these people come out of experimental school and continue to play around with you on your visits. One of their favorites, “if this doesn’t help, we’ll try something different in a few weeks”. We’re experiments to them, They just continue to educate themselves as we walk in.

  8. I agree 100% with what you are saying. Some people think doctors can fix everything and they can’t. They are like car salesmen, talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. Tell a doctor you will no longer be taking all the meds they prescribe
    (legal drug dealers) to you. Haha….. they no longer want to see you. Works for me! With doctors one pill leads to another and another and it will never end because they need to keep up their lifestyle. Okay rant over!

    • Being healthy is the most natural state for us.  “You don’t need treatment. The fever, inflammation, coughing, etc., constitute the healing process. Just get out of their way and permit them to complete their work. Don’t try to ‘aid’ nature. She doesn’t need your puny aid—she only asks that you cease interfering.” 
      ― Herbert M. Shelton.  Book, “Getting Well.”

  9. Hey Paul
    Thanks for the info
    I do Home Repairs
    so for now on when I do a repair on a property and find out the client works in the sick industry and I provide a time in which I am supposed to be there I will use the excuse of being a Repair specialist so that is why I am late 😀😀😀
    Keep up the good work

  10. “The great error of physicians has been that of attributing recovery to the operations of their poisons, while they have left out of account the healing powers of the body itself.” 
    ― Herbert M. Shelton, History of Natural Hygiene and Principles of Natural Hygiene

  11. Appropriate video title. Sad but true. Who’d of imagined that the very group sworn to help us, actually is poisoning us. Unbelievably unbelievable.

  12. The reason they don’t show you the pictures you own and pay for is you are the government cattle, so you don’t need to see it, just the care takers. Would you show an Xray to your sick cow?

  13. You had IBS how long did it take to fix.. and could you eat like you eat now.I only manage 6 to 7 bananas dayly can’t have citrus or greens they don’t mix well with bananas asking because I’m hopeng this will change for me and I can one day eat more various fruits and veg and even raw food resipies.

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