Does Yahweh hate sinners? This is a lecture I recently gave in Phoenix Arizona.

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17 thoughts on “Does God Hate The Sinner?

  1. fear of God is not wanting to displeased him or hurt him,
    it’s like when we do something that would cause our parents to become angry, we don’t want to be punished, so we don’t want to displease and hurt our parents.
    to please God keeps us alive practice sin means punishment which is death, that’s a healthy fear of God, again it keeps us alive.

  2. hello brother Paul,
    I am interested in getting baptised and wanted to know if it matters where i do it.. i stop going to sunday church and worship and study on my own with help from teachers like you and i try to keep the sabbath but dont have a sabbath keeping place where i go to worship. please help me.

    • Anyone can baptize you in any water but going to someone who has a good relationship with Yeshua is best. where do you live? We have live fellowship every Friday night at 10pm est. on this youtube channel

  3. Proverbs 15:29 29


    KJV:The Lord is far from the wicked: but he heareth the prayer of the righteous.

    YLT:Far [is] Jehovah from the wicked, And the prayer of the righteous He heareth.

  4. What is happening here lately? This was a poorly done video. The end speaker could not be heard and it added nothing to this discussion. The message was lost in the haphazard video. I am very disappointed lately. Not getting out of these videos what we use to. Sad, very sad.

    • it takes a lot of work to make these videos. Someone filmed me giving a lecture and I decided to post it so people could hear it. Yes the quality was not the best but I feel it was good enough

    • I am sorry for delivering a less than positive message. Thank you for your reply though. I appreciate it. Just thought you may want to know what people I shared it with had to say regarding it.

      The message was good Lately it has been very hard to share truth with people. They want all positive messages regarding the LOVE of God but they don’t want to hear anything opposing it. Any suggestions or ideas on a topic for a video on the wrath of God which is coming and in fact we are seeing on the whole earth. Honestly, I don’t think people realize we are living in the latter days and things are increasing as birth pains.


  5. I love your brother Paul. Yaweh has blessed you tremendously. this is a great video but i wanted to point out something that i might have missed, at 20:03 it sounds like your are saying 2 Kings 8:32, but there no 2 Kings 8:32 in the bible. im not sure which verse you rmeant, but id love to know so that i can look it up and mark it

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