This video is a reply to my friend who made a video on his channel suggesting it was not biblical to live a vegan lifestyle. You can see his original video at

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18 thoughts on “Does the Bible Say it is a sin to eat meat or to be a vegan?

  1. The thing is would you be prepared to kill a little lamb or calf ? And if so, is that being as gentle as a dove. ? And don’t you think cruelty to animals is important to conquer in this world. We should not be drinking milk, IT BELONGS TO THE YOUNG CALF. NOT US ! I myself eat fish. If you look on the Internet there is a black lady growing her own organic fruit and vegetables, and she is 73 but looks 47, no lines wrinkles and that lady is in radiant robust health and physical beauty.

  2. When Jesus sent the Apostles out to all tribes and nations including people in the arctic and the himalayas, He knew dang well those people had to eat animal products. Early church historians wrote that some of the apostles were vegetarians, so we should see it not as a sin issue but as a personal decision for those who feel called to it by the Holy Spirit. I feel the Spirit has led me to vegetarian mostly raw but not as a matter of avoiding sin but as harmonizing and fine tuning my physical and energetic body. No question some people have lived by their connection the Spirit alone, there are stories of such people all through history.

  3. Best is His original diet. It is good to not eat man processed whole foods into fractionated dantys, GMO’s and other corrupted foods like what’s in the dairy, meat industry. It is best to get biblical health educated which points right back to the best God has to offer. God has His best which includes sprouts & sea vegetables: Genesis 1:29 & Ezekiel 47:12, 2 Kings 20:7, Proverbs 9:9, Daniel 1:7-8, :12-20 & Revelation 22:2

  4. Saying in a heated, emotional manner that someone ” has lost touch with reality” is Not agreeing to disagree. That’s reviling, a malignant slam against someone’s hold on reality, reviling. That’s a great amount of emotionalism for him to impose without provocation, in the exact manner of a Poli-Sci Provocateur. That’s what they do and how they do it; they are online to upset people and to cause trouble; they are paid to be contentious.

    It is fine to respect one’s Right to an opinion, but there is no scriptural or moral mandate to respect the opinion itself. If it is incorrect, or given for the wrong motivation, it is not worthy to respect.

    I offer the following with no offense to you, the poster and producer of this channel and video > you need to know that that man is not here for the same reasons you are. He does not agree to disagree; he’s disrespectful, inflammatory, and a Reviler. He is a deceiver, by his known Political Science tactics, he shows he is here to be a Provocateur; he’s a deceiver, is not sincere. Watching/Discerning his eye movements and expressions, he makes it clear he’s not sincere, that he’s here for a wrong agenda, to inflame people. Studying his forensic markers, it is clear he is not authentic, but is an imposter, deceitful, deceitful about who he is and what he’s up to. You are a genetic Man, a work of the Most High God, an honorable creation. This entity is not as you are, but was born otherwise: exogenous testosterone has created manmade effects that look manly, but are not original or creation-caused. I am fluent in forensics, and that person is not as you are. Unknowingly, you have found an imposter, a deceiver. This is a godly heads up for you. Learn forensics’ markers. The web and real life is filled with imposters. To see what I’m talking about, watch YT channel Jon Humanity ‘s documentary on generational baphomet inversions. It’s vitally important that those invested in the truth, learn about these people, that we are able to open our eyes to the reality of Inversions. They have entered the camp not by the door, and I am blowing the warning trumpet that you might learn the forensics markers to see for yourself. It’s a vital skill we need more than ever, as the numbers all around us are very high now. No matter how smooth or convincing a teacher’s words are, the scripture says to not be deceived. Learn about this reality, and learn the forensics markers so you can see through the facade. It IS a facade: the beard was caused by exogenous testosterone, the eyes are small and closer together, not big and further apart as a man’s eyes are, there is no brow ridge, the forehead is vertical, the skull shape is not a man’s. Subscriber to you in the truth > there is peace only in the truth. Watch the documentary, that your eyes may be opened to be able to SEE this grieving deception for what it is. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no solace in falsehood. Generational baphomet inversions have been among us for a very long time, deceiving our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and us. They are not individuals who make the choice to change themselves > the parents invert the child early on without its understanding or consent, they do this to every family member, the entire lineage > it is carried on for generations upon generations, minions of the beast system. 🙁 The numbers of them are now very high; it’s essential wisdom to learn about them, to learn the markers to be able to identify them.

    • Men have high cheekbones as you have > he doesn’t. He has an oval face. They inject silicone to create the look of a brow ridge. Men have a whole set of forensic markers all over, while women’s are very different. Notice his sloping shoulders, while yours are large and square. Notice his small hands, while yours are large.

  5. I eat meat and I love it! However, “vegans” did exist around the time of apostle Paul, minus the “vegan” title. If you read Romans 14, you’ll see that Paul is addressing 2 different groups. One who ate meat and one who only ate vegetables and no meat. The whole argument in that chapter is about whether they should only eat vegetables or not.

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