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Your support helps us reach out to believers and to all people who are unaware of the inherent ‘Hebrewness’ of their heritage, which is sadly reflected in many misinterpretations regarding the Scriptures. Remember: Yahshua spoke Hebrew, and so did his disciples.  To be a diligent  follower of Him implies learning about the Hebraic people — their culture, their language, and their way of understanding the Scriptures.

Studying biblical Hebrew and your Hebraic heritage will give you the correct mindset and context for reading the “Holy Scriptures”, avoiding exegetical errors that distort the original intent of the inspired writers. We are also dedicated to aid you in understanding the signs of the times and encourage you to prepare for the coming Kingdom of YAH.

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Your giving enables us to keep spreading the “WORD” and updating the site. You can make a donation of any amount 🙂

Thanks for giving and may Almighty YAH abundantly bless you and your family, in Yahshua Codesh Name and power of the Ruach Ha Codesh (Holy Spirit), amen and amen…

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