30 thoughts on “Don’t Drink The Water!

  1. Faucet water stinks & is sometimes brown.Taste like grass. I drink bottle waters, but I’m going to start boiling all of my water

    • scarlet hottie it’s not the bacteria in the water you should worry about it’s the minerals and chemicals they add. Spend a few bucks and get a reverse osmosis filter.

    • boiling municipal tap water only concentrates the chemicals. the water evaporates, the chemicals remain in a higher parts per million since the water is gone.

  2. and if your in the city, you must shower or bath…
    The skin is the largest organ of the body… intoxicating to the maximum..

    • Veego von DOOM- Reviews! I get those 5-10 gallon water jugs an I go buy the water they sell it in main street areas! OR grocer store you can filler up! To me ts worth paying for it. I keep several filled gallon jugs at a time. An its very good tasting crystal clear clean water! Even my ice cubes in freezer I use this water.. lol Bathtub for clean baths hook up filter to faucet. Those chemicals go in skin an also cause women infections that take baths.. SERIOUSLY can harm you that way too.

    • Sammie Johnson Oh that is sick!!! And so wicked anyone to even think to do this!! & prob is a practice of satanic witchcraft rituals in the name of religion wicca practice! Really sad! But nothing surprises me anymore! World gone plumb dumb to the slums! The dark days they call evil good, an good evil! The world needs some serious prayers!šŸ˜Æ

    • Mr. Jacob Benjamin Evian water has a Ph level of 7.5, that makes it Alkaline. The majority of bottled water is 40% tap water and also acetic. alkaline is important because cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment. but you can also eat alkaline foods like celery, spinach, lemons. Nestle pure life water is low in acidity, but is tested thoroughly..so if you add a lemon wedge it would help.

    • Arma Fide thank-you. I heard adding lemon helped with the fluoride in the water but just how much IDK. I’m gonna go get some of that Evian today.

  3. How to self test your tap water , fill up the largest cooking pot you have and boil the pan dry and look at how much powdery junk is in the bottom of the pan . That junk is the toxic stuff they treat the water with and it goes right into you .

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