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The raw food diet. You should try it!

Here is the link to our raw food retreat in February 2015


4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget How Amazing The Raw Food Diet Is

  1. Quick random question for you. Do you think food has a lot to do with the way people act/behave and how we think? Do you think people who are homosexual, their diet could be bad that has given them a chemical imbalance to make them attracted to the same sex? Thanks. 🙂

    • If that were true there would be a lot more homosexuals in the world. By the way, ‘homosexuality’ is not caused by a chemical imbalance… and what business is it of yours anyway I wonder? Let people be who they are 🙂

  2. Here’s in support of the awesome work you are doing. I have one additional tip. The raw food does work but one must have some basics to ‘survive’ it. Too many ‘teachers’ haven’t streamlined their process. First – a juicer is imperative – not optional; no matter what you tell folks unless they can concentrate nutrition they will always be on the brink of quitting like I was. Juicers are expensive – but I’ve been in hospitals so there. A good blender is imperative – goes without saying. Now carry on with being awesome!

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