There are some things that can be learned from the pages of the Hebrew Scriptures. There are some things that can only be learned by "the Spirit who leads us into all truth”. When heaven called for a volunteer to go on a perilous mission to verify the location of the Ark of the Covenant and then travel to Egypt to uncover how the Ark was hidden during the siege of Nebuzaradan, Michael Rood did not step forward – he just didn’t step back when everyone else did. For the next seven episodes you will travel the path that the Holy Spirit opened before Michael as he sold everything and then risked everything to learn the truth. He had to know for certain that the Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel had in fact, been in the chamber in Mount Moriyah and had, among several other witnesses, seen the Ark of the Covenant with his own eyes.

Join Michael Rood for this week’s Shabbat Night Live as he presents the first episode in "The Ark of the Covenant” series – "Don’t Step Back”

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