Today I interview two of my friends who are well known health teachers. Doug Graham and Jordan Rubin each talking about what diet they have seen to have the best results. Vegan or non-vegan. This is part 1 to 2 parts. Enjoy.


18 thoughts on “Doug Graham & Jordan Rubin. Raw Vegan Diet or Non-Vegan? Part 1 of 2

  1. Wrong on both accounts. It’s a fad diet and any health professional (besides the handful of those selling paleo books) will tell you that first and foremost. As far as evolution goes, the paleo diet is 1) not necessarily representative of what humans at in the past, 2) only potentially relevant to optimizing procreation.

    Because humans don’t evolve to live long, healthy lives. We adapt to our environments to optimize procreation. Please stop talking about things you don’t understand.

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  3. That’s what I’m saying; Doug looks sick, Jordan very vibrant. The animal and plant kingdoms provide a division of labor in food production and nutrient fixation– no one is demonizing raw plant foods, but we need the food items yielded by the unique physiologies of healthy, vibrant, free-range animals. I am now learning this the hard way– I, being 6’3″, am now about 140lbs when previously I was about 165lbs (so skinny already). For me, the vegan diet doesn’t work, and I’m feeling it now

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  7. I learned all about health from Jordan and read his book inside out and i was following it for about 2 years and i admit it made me feel great because i went from eating the SAD diet to eating Jordan’s diet. And Jordan even says eat berries and melons to detox in his book. After learning about Dr Graham i turned to 80/10/10 and have never felt better in my life. Much better than Jordans diet. I love both the guys dont get me wrong. I just now after futher educating myself dont agree with jordan.

  8. Jordans got great things to say that are true forsure. But he lacks understanding in the whole vitamin mineral subject. We dont need some super boosted amount of vitamins and minerals. we just need enough. Plants give more than enough. more isint better. its usually worse. We just dont need to eat animals. Simple as that. And if you lapsed when you tried 80/10/10 its because you didnt eat enough fruits and vegetables. simple as that. there not as calorie dence as meat. So you gotta eat more.

  9. and as for Dr Graham looking sick haha. The dudes like 65. I hope he looks a little old. Plus he ruined his body his whole life. Of coarse hes not gonna look perfect. Plus the video qualities of there videos were much different. Jordans still pretty young. He should look better. Put both in an athletic event and see who wins. Graham forsure.

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