Dr. Brian Clement from the world famous Hippocrates Health Institute sheds some light about the swine flu. This is important information everyone needs to listen to. For more info about HHI visit


7 thoughts on “Dr. Brian Clement from Hippocrates Health Institute talks about the swine flu

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  2. “The nasty face of the pharmaceutical industry” – Brian puts it mildly and eloquently as usual. I have seen him speak several times in my area as his swine flu warning should be heeded by every American. Not because it is dangerous but because it is a fraud. Thank you, Brian for telling it like it is. Swine flu was bogus in the 80s and it is just as bogus today.

  3. there are unhealthy dieters, unhealthy vegetarians, unhealthy vegans, and there are even unhealthy raw foodists. In NO WAY AM I BEIND DISRESPECTFUL but its possible that maybe your yogi (below)’s husban who contracted the virus wasn’t at peak immunity potential. I’m a raw food/vegan and haven’t been sick since and i also don’t take any medications any more, and have never once thought about swine flu. Keep getting educated and trying what works 4 u. Bless that you all continue 2 find health

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