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Today we have a very special guest, the web doctor, Dr. Mercola. I had about 10 minutes to get as many questions as I could with him. His answers were excellent. Enjoy!


24 thoughts on “Dr. Mercola on The Raw Life #337

  1. Some other examples of omnivores:
    Various birds
    Some fish
    Some lizards and turtles

  2. It’s a claim made by TONS of people that vegans who don’t supplement with b12 can develop blindness.. why are you implying that it’s only mercola who says this.

  3. Mercola is one of the few doctors on this planet I actually listen to and take seriously. He doesn’t just sell supplements, but gives lots of free advice that’s often free to implement. There’s an ethical basis to everything he sells, although being in the UK I buy from other, cheaper sources. I wish there were more doctors like him who understood health as much as illness and drugs. Most doctors in the UK are ignorant of health and amount to not much more than symptom suppressing drug pushers.

  4. Organic unprocessed raw milk, eggs and cheese have the exact same potency in causing raised IGF-I levels, endovascular inflammation, heart disease and cancer – just ask Dr MacDougall.

  5. PS ‘all autoimmune diseases have their basis in vitamin D deficiency’ – myself and the entire community of gastroenterologists would be delighted if this were true – but somehow I can’t find the scientific papers to back this claim. How annoying!

  6. Am loosing trust in mercola now, what about people like Charlotte Gerson, she’s been on a vegan diet for most her life shes 90 now and is still thriving. It might be true that we need to eat animal products it might not, but if you look at all the Dr’s who are getting results without supplements most of them use a vegan diet in one way or the other

  7. Mercola has said 2 dates will give you obesity. He is a supplement pusher, of course he thinks vegans are deficient. Why are vegans living longer than meat eaters then?

  8. I (sorta) met Dr Mercola while at Hippocrates– and just like he looks and seems in this video– is not friendly, doesn’t smile or look happy. I recognized him and said, oh hi Dr Mercola– didn’t even acknowledge my greeting. Other people said the same. As far as I’m concerned– a true healer would want to connect with his clients like Victorious Kulvinskas who is blind did. Seriously it completely disappointed me. #jutsying

  9. Because man is not an animal, but a completely different order of Spirit descended from above to experience the challenges of earth life. Man is mde int eh image of the Highest with all potencies of Cosmos. Within food are the Five Cosmic Elements, corresponding to the tastes, nd many other factors. Which factors we are faced to master.

  10. We’re the only animal to do lots of things, like develop culture and civilizations for example. And, we are the only animal to live in such a wide variety of environments, meaning we’ve had to adapt to different food sources. In recent times, our “environment” is almost completely man made, meaning we are no longer responding to natural biological conditions.

  11. It’s not about what you eat. It’s about what you put into the soil of where that food came from. Was it treated with fertilizers/chemicals and plowed with machinery destroying the soil ecosystem making it deficient or was it naturally built overtime with earthworms/microorganisms/fungi/nematodes/beneficial bacteria to produce the most nutritionally dense food that you can’t find in stores or on a farm? We need to take food production back to the hands of the people and stop being lazy by relying on the man to produce a fagazillion products that we argue over which one is the healthiest. The healthiest food can be grown in your backyard if you’re armed with the knowledge of what natural minerals/compost to put in it. And don’t trust organic farmers unless you know what they put in their soil. They key to life is to be self-sufficient. They key to life is to grow your own, and study how nature makes food. Not man.

    • +Allan Guevara I think I agree with you.  I so admire Annette Larkins (Miami) who grows all of her food and is sort of a celebrity in the raw vegan world.  She is 70 something but looks 40 something.  But I think it is about what you eat, if it’s processed.  Even if it was grown organically and is GMO free, fresh is best.  There are junk food vegans/vegetarians or others, and they may not be getting what they need because they are not eating enough fresh whole foods.  But if you don’t know Annette Larkins, check her out.  She is so motivational.  I want to be like her “when I grow up”. 

    • +jdstep97 Thank you. I meant that it doesn’t matter what you eat if the soil it came from is poor. The food won’t be as nourishing/flavorful as food grown in soil that has been built for years with a vast amount of microlife in it. I don’t just want to put food production back into the people’s hands, but back into nature’s hands. Forest soil is the most fertile, and self-sustaining medium to grow pretty much anything in. And the good thing about it is it just keeps producing bigger, nutritious food everyyear since the soil is constantly building itself. We only need to pick food from it. The only real tough job is preparing and building them. I have a mission that may be a long-shot, but I want to grow as many self-sustaining public food forests in as many parks as possible. And hopefully I can convert all those wasteful farms into food forests too. We won’t have to exert any effort anymore by forcing Earth to grow food anymore for just our own sake. Because we’ve finally worked with her to grow the best food possible not just for ourselves, but anyone that needs it. I know there are many on this Earth like Annette Larkins, but I want to push the envelope and have people living up to 300+ or even 1000+ years old not by drastically changing their lives into naturopaths, but by giving nature a chance to work with us again. This is my dream and I believe we all need extreme dreams!

    • +Allan Guevara Wow!  You are on a mission.  Good for you!  You inspire me (and I’m a 48-y.o. gal.)  May you inspire many more to join you.  I’ll be looking out for your movement in Tennessee.  I guess I’ll be here for a while.  My dream though is to move to somewhere in the Caribbean and live in a tiny house (no more than 800 sq. feet) but with a nice bit of land to grow my own food, and just be closer to nature. 

      With that, I’ll hopefully be learning to play cello and improving my French and Spanish.  The language-learning is a lifetime challenge, so I’d appreciate living many more years.  Thank you for sharing (and with good grammar I must say).  I wish you well. 

  12. If you believe this doctor you must be nuts no scientific evidence for what he saying is true. It’s not belief but scientific evidence that wins. Something that can be repeated over and over again with the same result. What maximises lifespan is the question to be asked. Vegan or near vegan with some minimal animal products has been shown to be life span favorable with no deficiencies. Why do people need to make this harder than it needs to be?

  13. I have been eating raw food for over 20 years most people think I’m 10 years younger than my age of 75!
    Why did I change? I had cancer, ate nothing but fresh fruit for over 2 years and fresh and raw since then!

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