Here is Part 2 of the Dr. Schandl interview. To see exactly what kind of the test and specific details about Dr. Schandl and his test, visit his web site at This is one of the best interviews I've ever done! Dr. Schandl has great information here that everyone needs to take serious. This is Part 1 at once I post them.


9 thoughts on “Dr. Schandl talks about blood tests, diet and disease Part 2

  1. This video will get a lot of comments for sure. Here’s another view concerning the Bible and meat eating…..did God actually command humans meat to eat because it would make them healthier, or simply allow them to eat “clean meats” because of “the hardness of their hearts?..”

  2. When the Jews were crying in the desert for meat, God sent them what they begged for, but it was not to make them more healthy, but rather to teach them a lesson…..i.e. that the “manna” he had been giving them was the best food. They all were very sick after they ate this meat also. Dietary laws are meant to guide Jewish people/humans in general to eat only clean meat IF they choose to eat meats, but nowhere in Bible is it said, eating meat is required or recommended for optimal health

  3. Manna, means “What is it?”, is some form of ORMUS. . “Bread” = all needs, not actual bread. Messiah handed out loaves and clusters of grapes, according to another translation. Messiah did not broil fish in King James Version anyway….you added that. You didn’t address my statement that God never “commanded “humans to eat meat ever. He simple allowed it.

  4. What about Daniel’s experiment…..only ate vegetables and was stronger. What about John the Baptist, eating only wild honey and lucust bean tree (carob pods). No where is meat condoned as a health food in Bible.

  5. @noh8rsnow Everybody’s going to believe what they want to anyway, so why do any of us even bother expressing our opinions. That’s my latest thoughts.

  6. @noh8rsnow ….true, yet everyone here seems to have the “truth”….and not care about other peoples’ “truth”, which might be “true”……interpretations can often make a huge difference in what is truth too.

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