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I'm so excited to introduce my viewers to this week's special featured guest, Dr. Yakov Koyfman. Dr. Koyfman has an amazing cleansing center in the Atlanta, GA area. If you are sick and looking to get well, or just interesting in cleansing to stay healthy, this is one place I strongly suggest.

In the interview Dr. Koyfman talks about people in Russia living to 168 years old, and another guy who only eats 1/2 cup of wheat berries for the whole winter.

Dr. Koyfman also shares some other great cleansing tips and exercises we call all do to stay healthy.

Dr. Koyfman learned what he teaches from experiments he personally did to heal his sinus and digestive issues. Then he did extensive study and self-research under famous doctors from India, Russia, and Japan. He studied nutrition, dietology, and fasting therapy in Russia. He has several degrees, Certifications and Diplomas

In 1994, Dr. Koyfman founded his Center in America, and has helped thousands of people since then. People come for help from not only Atlanta, but also from other states and all over the world. His website is


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