Drag Queen story hour at the library

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21 thoughts on “Drag Queen Story Hour At The Library

  1. Why do the Elders Of The Word in that City allow this abomination? May 70 x 7 plus two Millstones strung around the+IR Necks then SAVE the Children’s Hearts! The HOGg Trough

  2. What an abomination The parents need to put a millstone around their necks and cast themselves in to the sea for offending these little ones

  3. PeterPan was a woman in plays. These things have been going on and acceptable with a double standard for too long… Paving the way for the future.

    Apparently these men have disorders, why would anyone trust their perverted lifestyle around a child.

    Acceptance to our diseases allows the disease to take over society…

  4. I love your channel. I agree with you on nearly everything. My husband and I would love to meet you, sir. Thank you for posting truth in the world of lies.

  5. It is why i WILL NOT HAVE KIDS in this day and age.. Paul i pray for you cause it is gonna be hard to watch for this garbage and to protect your kids. prayers with you brother.

  6. I would just silently sit across the room from the “drag queen” holding up a sign that says “It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin.” staring down the “drag queen” and parents.
    But of course the police would be called on me bc the “drag queen” can have freedom of expression but I can’t because this is Satan’s world and satan hates YHWH and His ppl

    • 😂 I laugh but it’s sad. You’d probably get barked at by the suburbanites for supporting common sense, or what is now called “hate speech”.

  7. And when you see these things, look up for your Redemption draws near. It’s vexing, it’s fearful–but it’s our Redeemer coming to claim his Kingdom. Those who are promoting this stuff–well, sadly, they have a known and tragic end. Yah calls whom He knows.
    I personally don’t like to give airing and time to this stuff. Focus on the Once and True King–not the queens.

  8. Women must not wear men’s clothes, and men must not wear women’s clothes. Everyone who does such things is detestable to the LORD your G-d.Deuteronomy 22:5 (CEB)

  9. I think it’s just because people wanna be on tv. Sad days. Let’s just ask Our Lord to help us still be convicted.

    This is soooo WRONG!!

  10. By BL – Just heard the Country of Somoa has banned the movie Rocketman, YAHOO!!
    Maybe that is where we should move because it is more Christian than any other country.

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