How do you dress when you go to church or an assembly?
Is it bringing glory to Yahweh or is it bringing glory to Satan.

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8 thoughts on “Dress Code at Church or Assembly

  1. I WAS rebuked 10 years ago for wearing shorts to a Wednesday” Social Club” gathering. A very old lady rold me with her finger in my face. I DID thank her and from day on, she held an especially warm spot in my heart. Matilda was her name- I loved her dearly for caring about me.
    They geet defensive becuz they MUST show THE WORLD what day got. Believe me, its NOT lack of thought. We all have mirrors, I – USED TO wear what would reveal ((my)) body pridefully TOO. I’ve come to honesty about it all. If they are going to turn from the world, and be called Hebrew Roots & Messianic & such, they shouldnt be having a REBELLIOUS heart and stubbornly cleaving to the ways of the world with its ” showing-OFF, and craving self-attention & adoration.
    KEEP PRIVATE PARTS – – PRIVATE !! Heee Hawww !!!

  2. Thank you! Some men don’t realize or don’t care how lustful they look to women. That sleeveless shirt or those tight clothes can cause some of us to commit adultery in our hearts. It’s not just a heart issue for men only.

  3. Brother Paul I was busy when this was live but watch with joy all of your broadcast. Last Sabbath was my first time live on the fellowship and laughed when you couldn’t pronounce my name ole hippie hippi. That an error on Google that I’ve tried to correct with no change yet but I am trying to change it to ole ex hippie. I’ve been changed in the power of Yeshua from being a ole hippie to a ex. I give all praise and glory to the Almighty Father YeHoVah. I will join you and ask why most Messianics don’t recognize the name that has been discovered by Nehemia Gordon. He’s a scholar in the Hebrew language both old and that presently spoken. If you have any input or others I’ll be on the fellowship on the Sabbath. We are brothers in the Messiah Yeshua. Shalom brother Paul I was not aware that men should not wear shorts either but will no longer wear them after watching tis broadcast.

  4. Great teaching! I also think a good example is that it wasn’t just king David who sinned Bathsheba also committed a sin by exposing herself thoughtlessly on her roof and by not refusing to have intercourse with king David when he sent for her. They both sinned grievously and it led to Uriah’s death and Yahweh punishing both Bathsheba and David by killing the baby that Bathsheba had just born to David. (2 Samuel 11-24) Obviously David was at fault just as much if not more than Bathsheba but I think that so much trouble could have been prevented if Bathsheba had been careful.

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