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Join Scott Laird and Dr. Charles Thurston, a boarded ER Doctor with over 40 years of medical experience with a degree in Science and Evolution. Dr. Thurston believes there is evidence in our Bible for all things that exist in our universe.

Jesus said there is a spirit of infirmity. People can be sick because of something spiritual wrong in them. That's a wrong ghost running the machine. And the most common of the those are demons. Some make all spiritual things good and all physical things bad. But your precious humanity is granted to you by your creator and it has to be integrated. It's like driving a car. There has to be an interface between the controls in the car and you.

We don't have a good model in modern medicine for treating disease. I'm not doubting the diagnosis of psychiatrists who say there is another personality operating in a person. But all we do is slow it down. We just give them drugs so that the body no longer talks the way it did so it doesn't bother other people. Psychiatric treatment with drugs is more for the benefit of society and those around them than the person who is sick. Join us for this week's exciting and informative episode!

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