First there was Juice fasting, than water fasting, now dry fasting for health.


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  1. Wow ive done absolute fasting many times, i recommend once you wake for the day of dry fasting stretch & do a LIGHT short full body work out the feeling is SO amazing & i feel it helps the fast do its job, you become SO intune with how you feel internally & the energy is so profound, feels as if the energy im getting is from my body cleaning & feeding off of dead cells, fats, stored toxins etc.
    Their is NOTHING that competes with the feeling of dry fasting.
    Ive only done dry fasting 1 – 1 1/2 days mostly nothing more yet, like she said you will be able to listen to your body of when to brake it.
    When i get the thirst or hunger feeling i do a LIGHT stretch & LIGHT SHORT full body workout & it goes away.
    I really hope more research & teaching of this amazing method of healing & becoming quickly intune of your body & conscious.
    Make sure to get fresh air! 

  2. The water quality  here is superb sting  be we have  no problems  with any toxins in the drinking water  can calmly say it is Listened the video for 15 times . was courious on certain things .

    • Well, you said Muslims dry fast for 30 days, which infers that it is 30 straight with no breaking of the fast at all before 30 days is over… and during Ramadan, there is an iftar every day… so technically you’d say those who fast during Ramadan (not all Muslims… and even some people who are not Muslim fast during Ramadan btw) do so for about 15 hours on average every day for 30 days… otherwise is seems misleading 🙂 salam

    • Haha! I think it’s the angle of the camera! It’s because I’m leaning forward and my neck is sticking out a bit. Thanks for your concern. I’ll do some research on iodine.

    • +stargate669

      Well bro try intermittent dry fasting and give them like a glass or water or two once every 24 hours. Once you start to get casualties slowly give them more water. Change up Britney with some Justin Bieber weekly.

      Bro tip : If they faint too much just sell them on the black market

  3. What’s the point of this? You might live longer? might? Why not just go on a high fat ketone diet that way you won’t screw up your thyroid gland.

  4. Dry fasting is awesome…i am a bodybuilder so its pretty hard for us, especially of how much we eat a day. Currently I am on hour 58 of 72 hour dry fast…then back to business…but my question would be “What is the first thing I should consume upon breaking my fast” I am thinking blueberries because of their awesome properties and antioxidants. 

    • lol you can dray fast for 12 to 16 hours a day, make it a daily habit depending on how you feel, its when the results start showing. dry fasting for prolong periods is good every couple of months but the real sustainable results comes from doing it daily.

  5. Dry fasting for longer than four days straight in hot, dry weather can put certain susceptible people at risk for dehydration.  Be sure to consult with a physician before starting a dry fast longer than 3 – 4 days.  

  6. 13:00 People eat a lot because they do not assimilate. Dry fasting heals your digestive system and once you break the fast, you will need less food and will have a better absorption therefore a better assimilation.

    Dry Fasting is free, economic, healthty and have amazing results within a short period of time

  7. I read Tonya’s book recently after ordering it ages ago from seeing this vid..
    I was reading it whilst doing a 5 days master cleanse followed by 3 day water fast then 60 hour dry fast.
    I liked the book.
    There is a Facebook page called Master Fast run by master Gino, he has fasted 12 days.
    look him up he is a great inspiration.
    Thanks 🙂

  8. I have just done my second 3day dry fast, strongly believe in the body’s magical healing powers… Thank you for this video, you put the whole system across so clearly, logically, and also empathetically. It really helps to spread the message. Well done! Ivan from Prague

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