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4 oz. tube of all natural toothpaste. Earthpaste is made with redmond clay, real salt, xylitol and essential oils for flavor. Safe to swallow, in fact it's good for you!
No chemicals or additives.
4 flavors for sale on this site: Cinnamon Peppermint Wintergreen Lemon Twist

Your search for a truly all natrual toothpaste is over! Redmond's earthpaste is made from all natural ingredients including hydrated redmond clay (montmorillionite clay very similar to bentonite clay), xylitol, redmond salt and essential oils for flavor. Each 4 ounce tube is great for teeth and gums without chemicals. Plus it is safe to swallow.

In fact many people take redmond clay internally for its stomach calming, immune system support and detoxification properties. You have never experienced a tooth brushing experience like using earthpaste.

Earthpaste Ingredients: Redmond clay Xylitol Redmond Salt Essential oils What is great about earthpaste isn't so much what's in it, as what's not.

Earthpaste doesn't contain any of the unnatural chemical so common to toothpastes like foaming agents like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and chemical whiteners like titanium dioxide. It contains no glycerin, no flouride and nothing that isn't natural.

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24 thoughts on “Earthpaste by Redmond Clay, It’s healthy but it isn’t pretty.

  1. I just started using earthpaste. I like it. It is different, but it is good. I got the spearmint and cinnamon, and really favor the cinnamon.

  2. I just bought the eartpaste and I bought the wintergreen flavor.. 🙂 Its gonna take me a awhile to get use to because its different the regular toothpaste that I have been using.. lol I also wanna try the spearmint! 

    • rilec this is my fear. I want to and will try it, but I also have very white teeth, and I fear this toothpaste will make my teeth “stained.”

  3. Really like earthpadte how my teeth feel when using it but the wintergreen was too strong for my mouth, and caused burning sensation and very bitter taste. stopped using it and the burning sensation is,almost and burning sensation is,almost gone.

  4. The color doesn’t bother me at all. I have only been using it for about 2 weeks. This morning I woke started my day and at about 1pm realized I never brushed my teeth this morning. Yikes that has never happened. The truth is my teeth felt clean even though I had forgotten to brush them. I wouldn’t suggest not brushing your teeth but it is nice to know that my evening brushing held over into the next day. I don’t wake up with that fuzzy tooth/mouth in the morning

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