Greens and My Raw Food Diet

I've been eating a raw food diet for many years. Something I've learned to do that helps me stay on a raw food diet is to eat my greens.


10 thoughts on “Eat Your Greens

  1. I just started and finished a three day juice fast and I used a bunch of different dark leafy greens, does the poop suppose to be green?

  2. I green juice daily.  Thankfully, I now add a lot less apples to make it palatible than when I first started green juicing 🙂  Thanks for another great video ~

    Also Paul – I really like your shorter beard, sure looks great!

    Debbie in WA Ăś

  3. I used to eat a dish of broccoli almost every day and and wasn’t picky about fruits and vegetables and I never never got sun burn. Then I got braces and stopped eating vegetables for a while because it would get stuck in my braces and it was hard to eat and for the first time I got sun burned. So I did research and found that antioxidants prevents sun burn, so I started eating fruits and vegetables and eating apples with the skin again and started supplementing with vitamin A, C and cod liver oil and after a couple of months I stopped getting sun burned and I got a dark tan again. Now I eat fruits and vegetables every day even though it’s a pain to get out of braces.

  4. Hi, you mentioned to add apple to your green juice if you didn’t like the taste of greens, Isn’t fruit with vegetables a bad food combination? I’d be interested on your thoughts about food combining. Maybe a video on it? : )

    • greens are really good for tooth health —  a lot of people are unaware that they nash or grind their teeth a little during the night, and that can make teeth more sensitive. raisins and apples are good for teeth too. always water-rinse after meals and snacks. I was fully raw for 2.5 years  eating lots of whole greens & never experienced tooth decay. I also juiced, but mainly tougher greens and beets, carrots.

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