Eat Your Greens

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20 thoughts on “Eat Your Greens

  1. i come on utube and its about eat ur green and injust ate so much veg, ,lol,,my dog ate a whole plate of veg,,dogs love peas and cauliflower,,gobble it right up

  2. Hi Paul ,Could you please tell me how much leafy green you recommend to eat every day in order to stay healthy.Thank you for your time .Blessings in the name of Yahshua .Shalom .

  3. There are more than enough minerals in fruits. No need for greens…think about the purpose of the plant and our symbiotic relationship with them. Do they want us to eat leaves? No

  4. Not sure how true this is but isn’t like some greens meant more for herbivores? this one guy was talking about kale being tough to digest so it shouldn’t be eating that often. spinach of course isn’t that bad though.

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