I have met and interviewed people who have gotten better from cancer. They said their answer was changing to a raw vegan diet and a healthier lifestyle.

But what if you are already eating a raw diet and got cancer, then what should you do?
I talk about this in this video.

“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
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33 thoughts on “Eating a Raw Food Diet And Still Got Cancer

  1. I believe the raw fodd diet HAS TO BE ALL ORGANIC…even the water has to be free of all chemicals and such..or else you still have a chance of getting cancer

  2. It’s also lifestyle nutrition can’t combat over worrying, it’s lifestyle, lifestyle, stress and worrying are key. I noticed that all and I mean all people who I have met who had Cancer were terrible eaters and WORRIERS and had high level of stress… The Raw Food Diet is the open door to your health and Chris has ALWAYS says its a LIFESTYLE thing.. The title of this video does more damage than good. Don’t hide the truth.

  3. What if you eat healthy, but wear sunscreen and never go outside for your Vitamin D from the sun? Or you’re still ingesting cigarette smoke, fluoride and aspartame? I know what Operation Paperclip did to us and where they are, like the AMA and FDA. Read the Georgia Guidestones if you dare, it’s their first agenda.

  4. A nice video indeed. I agree its not just about diet but our entire lifestyle . A doctor told me that we can get cancer from too much stress & anxiety alone, nothing else is required, Imagine that…and yes when its our time its our time…something or the other will be the means through which we go , no matter how hard we try our time will definitely come for some sooner for others a bit later but its gonna come .

  5. heal the immune system and gut follow,genetic diet..based on genomic tests..listen to body intuition deal with psychological emotional body and Spiritual stuff.. in it.

  6. I believe the most important element in curing any chronic disease, including cancer, is emotions. If you have a trapped emotion in you subconscious, you can eat a healthy diet, stay away from toxins and still get cancer. You have a self mutilating program running in your subconscious, possibly from before birth, which must be released or you will not heal.
    Most of the time you will not consciously know about this program, but at sometime in your life you were probably told or you learned you were not wanted or you were not worth keeping or having. There are not enough organic raw vegetables in the world to cure you if you don’t get rid of these trapped emotions. I still believe you should eat a clean diet and stay away from toxins as much as possible, but that is not the main key to healing. You must first address the trapped emotions. That can be done via hypnosis, NLP or EFT by a practitioner that knows regression, or timeline or matrix reimprinting or through a few other modalities, such a EMDR, etc.

    • +Tiffany Boone I have no problem with seeking GOD, I have seen Him release the trapped emotions many times. I didn’t mention that because so few people these days believe in GOD’s mighty redeeming, saving and healing power!!! But GOD can release these trapped emotions in an instant. But many times he leaves that up to us so we will seek to get closer to him. Also, so few believe in the healing power of GOD, but GOD still heals the sick and sets the captive free!!!

    • +Denys Chidziwo I will never trust in god again for the rest of my life. The truth is there is totally no god in the world. We live by nature. All what the bible writer wrote is just fiction. Sure if it is true that the bible says god is our refugee, why doesn’t he answer us during the time of trouble. Why do people die in great pain even when they are praying to god to help them. I can’t even pretend that I love god. What I know is there is no god.

    • +Stella Akwaresorry to hear of your son.. God does answer prayers sometimes we don’t get the answer we seek but he does answer prayers. Sometimes we seek God only when we are in trouble…our God is a jealous god..

  7. I think in the case of the raw foodist who gets cancer, a whole case study could be done.  Were they ever a smoker and for how long? Did they take birth control pills? Did they live in a polluted area? How was their stress and mental health? Was the raw food organic? So many questions could be asked for more a detailed picture.  See the below link for evidence of what a low stress, mostly vegan, organic diet can do for you.

    • +Jim1701X If you do that study, then you should also study all those people who eat fast food, smoke, live in a polluted area, and hardly ever get sick. You hit the key in your post, LOW STRESS. If you check with people who are mostly healthy, who don’t go to doctors or take very little or no drugs, you will find people who had a very stress free childhood, who were never abused in any way, and who now live a fairly stress free life. Not saying the diet and toxins don’t matter, but just saying the trapped emotions (Stress) is the main factor in our being unhealthy!!!

    • +Jim Einert it also has to do with the parasites they are exposed to f ex people who have many sexual partners are exposed to a lot of parasites of other people, or alcohol and drugs that weaken the immune system. You also need to listen to your body because you can be allergic to specific raw foods sometimes.

    • +Ysanova Rochowa There are many reasons why we get sick. But I still believe the mental component is the strongest. Why else can we heal from all sorts of diseases simply by visualizing and holding the thoughts that we are healed. I believe that the body is self healing, and the immune system is only as strong as our mental capacity is to believe it. Also you speak of allergies to raw foods. Those are also caused by the mind. Our body can have no allergies unless the mind keeps the immune system weak!!! Yes, all toxins can have an affect on our health, but our mind is our best defense against disease, because it controls the function of the body and the immune system and all the organs and systems of the body. I also don’t discount spirit or faith, because I have seen the miracles of God and know they happen as well. But I will still contend that if you have a mind that is full of trapped emotions, you won’t be able to stay healthy no matter what toxins you avoid or what “healthy” foods you eat. And on the other side of that coin, if you have a life of little stress, with almost no trapped emotions, you will hardly ever be sick, and then only a slight sickness such as a cold or a tummy ache, or an occasional short lived headache.

    • +Jim Einert : Hi Jim! What you are saying may explain why there are so many cures for cancer. The cure is not as important and the beliefs and mindset of the person. Tell us some more on the subject please.

    • +Jim1701X 1st for any cure to work, I believe there must be some belief that it will work. That IS why there are so many cures for cancer. Even Chemo and radiation works sometimes, and I believe it is because the patient has a strong belief that they will cure them. Like I said, I am not against other types of natural treatments. I really like the Ketogenic diet for helping cure cancer. Also I like Dr. Jerry Tennant’s ideas about voltage to cure disease. But even then, if a person has too much trapped emotion in the subconscious, they can’t heal. More and more natural health practitioners are recognizing that the mind and thoughts play an important role in health. So until we can come to a place to release these trapped emotions, we will not be fully well. There are many ways to release these emotions. Hypnosis, EFT, EMDR, Massage, SCENAR Therapy, Low level laser, etc. Different people release these trapped emotions in different ways, so a person may need to try more than one modality before they find the right avenue for them to release. Some people seem to have no trouble releasing their emotions, and even though they may have been abused as a child, or was in some traumatic situation, they aren’t affected by these problems because they vent them out when they happen, or soon after. Some people hold in emotions, and have trapped emotions just because some little something happened that hurt their feelings, and all things in between. Hope this sheds more light on this subject of trapped emotions and sickness.

  8. Thank you for your insightful and very personal video. WE live in a VERY toxic world. Even with the best diet, there are so many factors beyond our control. And as far as refusing chemo, I feel it is every person’s right to determine what is best for them. Sometimes it is not about the quantity of time, but the QUALITY  of what precious little we have left. Maybe she just wanted to enjoy her last days instead of feeling wrecked by conventional treatments. God rest her soul and your friend’s also.

  9. A raw diet does not mean ORGANIC ! Many peoples raw diets are not organic fruits and veggies and so the person ends up eating more pesticides than someone eating processed foods!

  10. If a raw food diet doesn’t work there are hundreds of alternative treatments. Enzyme therapy, oxygen therapy, vitamin B-17, colloidal silver, baking soda, honey and ginger, black seed oil, stress reduction, budwig diet etc.

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