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How much food do we really need? In this video I talk about this topic and reveal the answer.


31 thoughts on “Eating Enough Food. Over-eating vs. Under-eating

  1. what about 801010?? on 801010 you have to eat about 30 bananas a day or 2000 till 3000 calorien…so…that is a lot of fruit…what do you recommend? 

    • Do you think that  breastfeeding a breastfeeding mamma needs more calories? I hear that we need more to make milk. I tend to eat about the same amount of calories everyday. I am trying to increase my supply and eating more or less does not seem to make a difference. Do you have any thoughts about food intake with breastfeeding moms. Thank you and sorry my first question was so vague.

  2. I have never heard you give a single talk like this where you actually said how much food people should eat.  You always use ambiguous terms like “too much”.  That doesn’t mean anything!

    • Anyone that tells you everyone needs the same amount I wouldn’t listen to. I don’t say how much because it is different for everyone. 

    • +thedurianking But that has no practical implications… maybe everyone except for you needs to eat what you consider “too much”, or maybe what you eat is “too much”…

    • +kelhado I do personal one on one consulting if someone wants to know exactly what works for them. but I’ll do my best to make a video about some ball park numbers for you. 

    • If Pauls vid doesn’t helps u then go somewhere else and watch.I’ve been a Cooke vegan for 14 months and then eating a raw vegan and that’s a life changing for me even though now I’m 29 yrs old but before over 2 decade I’ve many ailments from chronic fatigue to depression for 6 years and always in a bad moods so I must conclude eating predominate sweet fruits is a god send.Thankz Paul for your many valuable vids.

  3. Thanks for this video. I’m pretty new to this lifestyle and have been feeling disappointed with myself on few occasions that I can’t fit 2.500-3,000 calories of food into my body. It didn’t make sense to me why I had to stuff myself when my body did not want food. I’m looking forward to the importance of not eating late video.

  4. My question is what can be the reason for fatty liver diagnosis on raw vegan diet. Also, what do you consider to be optimal nutrients to optimize lower calorie raw vegan diet

  5. What do you recommend for people that had gastric bypass surgery and would like to follow a raw food diet, but I eat so little that I’m afraid to get malnourish in the raw diet

    • You should follow your doctor’s orders about how to eat. You need more protein than people that have not had gastric bypass. Good luck. 

  6. I couldn’t agree more! I’m currently eating about 1800-2000 calories from only raw fruits and I feel super! When I ate cooked I ate about 3000-3500 calories or more and felt awful. I might even try to eat even less but ramping it down too fast might not be a good idea since my metabolism doesn’t have time to adjust. I’ll also start doing some water fasts to lower my metabolism and helping my body detox and heal itself at the same time.

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