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What is better, eating every other day or eating one meal a day?

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10 thoughts on “Eating every other day vs. The OMAD Diet

  1. Intermittent Fasting will reduce your body fat but it’s not going to increase your testosterone levels at your age. If you want an amazing physique from OMAD and IF, you must make sure that you exercise along with strength training and you must step up your supplement game. Check out Dr Amen Ra.

  2. Please show/video(s) of what a days worth of Raw doing Omad looks like.
    I’ve done Raw omad most days these last 2 yrs and satiety is an issue raw vegan on omad. I can get stuffed for sure but satiety only comes if I add something high in protein.

  3. Fasting is about self control, Prophet David( PBUH) used to fast every otherday .My way of fasting is Islamic way which is eating some fruits, Dates, before sunrises, and don’t eat or drink anything until Sunset. I do that 3-4 times a week. Thanks for your information.

  4. I’ve been dry fasting 20-22 hrs a day for last month. One day a week I eat in 8 hr window and from Friday at 4 pm until Sunday at 4 pm, I dry fast for health reasons. Fasting makes me feel great.

  5. Exercise , Eat ,Fast. Never eat after 12:00pm. Warrior Diet. Eat 4 hours fast for 20 hours. Train when you wake up.Eat 8:00am to 12:00pm then start your fasting. Monks and Nuns do not eat after 12:00pm. Stay Vegan, Buy Bitcoin.

  6. Yet another amazing “Paul” video!..🙏🏽 I’ve been following you for 5 months now. 3 months I’ve been on OMAD combined with riding a mountain bike 10 miles a day. I’ve started riding 10 miles in the morning and 10 miles at night. It’s amazing what it has done with the health problems I had. To date, I have lost 60 pounds, off all medications, and no health issues. F#ck Physicians!.❤️👍🏽😎

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