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Eating fruit the right way

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14 thoughts on “Eating fruit the right way

  1. I do the same as you, fruit for the first meal when I am more active and utilise the sugar best and a savoury meal ( mostly salad) with higher fat in the evening and works well.👍

  2. I agree, I’ve only been eating raw a few months now, also suffer from terrible digestion problems and I learned quickly that mixing up food is bad idea. I do the same thing, fruit is the first meal then greens and fat later in the day. Good advice for digestive issues and also just being able to digest and absorb food properly.

  3. I recently heard Ryan Lum of HAPPY HEALTHY VEGAN say that most people your age (& over) are on “at least one medication”. Ryan (& his partner Anji Bee) attributes the fact that they don’t need to take any drugs (for any conditions) on the fact that they’re vegan. Would you agree? And, do you take meds for anything? Just curious. Thanks. I always enjoy your videos. 🙏🙂✅🌱 🥑 🧘‍♀️ ☮️

  4. I mix an avocado and some nuts and seeds with non-fat fruits as my first meal been doing it for years with perfect digestion and reverse ageing effects. The only way you know you’re doing it right is if you have reverse ageing effects. Paul looks old, grey, severe hair loss.. something he’s not doing right that he is deteriorating so fast.

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