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Eating Once a day for how long

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14 thoughts on “Eating Once a day for how long

  1. 💜 thank your sharing this! Paul, Do you listen to the “Anthony William’s medical medium” podcast? SoundCloud carries it. He just did a show on fasting (water fasting, juice fasting, dry fasting, intermittent fading..) probably my fav show he’s done so far. You’ll appreciate it given what your doing.

  2. Hey Paul just like your last published video (daylight diet) eating at night is no Bueno. Not good for restful sleep or elimination you know that with no doubt. Thanks. 😀👍 take it easy.

  3. One meal a day at the end of the day after exercise is the greatest diet I have ever done. I was told fasting from food throughout the day keeps insulin low and doing it long term can reverse diabetes! After changing my lifestyle I have become the only person in my family that doesn’t have diabetes. So even if though it may be genetic, it was still eradicated by one meal a day.

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