22 thoughts on “Eating Raw On A Budget

  1. All my kitchen appliances came from Freecycle except the dehydrator. If you use a cheap blender carefully it will last a while. I burned out 3 before I learned how to use them. I have 2 juicers and 2 food processors figure its a good idea since I got them for free and not high end brands.

  2. Paul you have much much cheeper organic vegetables in America then we here in Holland (Europe). We do not have much salary, so most of our food is not organic, because it would not be able and we live sober. But we are very thankful to God, because He is so good for us!!

  3. It’s sad Whole Foods has such a huge buyers market and yet the prices are RIDICULOUS! I like them too, but I wish they were cheaper as everyone else does.

  4. now i just need to move to florida! no way i can try to live raw with no car and only access to non-organic or wholefoods in walking distance on my budget 🙁

  5. Here in Portland, Oregon, I harvested chard and arugula all winter long. I made salads and threw some in juice or smoothies. Love the ‘Whole Paycheck’ joke. I like New Seasons better. Wish I had chickens, but it’s hard to find unadulterated feed I think. Grapefruits here are 2 or 3 for $1 on sale. Organic is cheaper in the long run, to avoid cancer, which is very expensive. I like bulk foods. Love the Farmer’s Markets. Local eggs. Honey by the gallon via apiary. Will have to try persimmons.

  6. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your posts. I’ve been suffering with M.S. since 2006 when I was first diagnosed. Was on two different medications.

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