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The eclipse that "divided America" started a whirlwind month of hurricanes, kneeling during the national anthem, and false prophecy. But during it all, the Almighty has been a refuge!

Michael Rood explains the downward spiral of America in the midst of an amazing set of discoveries in ancient manuscripts that ties it all together.

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21 thoughts on “Eclipse, Hurricanes, Kneeling During National Anthem, and Biblical Prophecy – with Michael Rood

  1. Only halfway through listening but this might be my favorite video and message so far. Totally agree with this. Well done sir, God bless all who hear this message and take it to heart!

  2. Hashem Yahshua Holy ☝ of Yahovah.Isaiah 9:6 Semah Acts2:38 if you haven’t seen brother Roods 3 part Mikvah teaching on the importance of immersion in the name above every name the full revelation and name of Yahovah the prince of peace ✌ and everlasting Father.
    To all you folks who seek to devide Yah into 3rds read Revelation1:8 and tell me how many almighty can there be?

  3. Wow . I am not an American but this makes sense. By the way we marked our house the same as you just mentioned and it survived the Yolanda Hurricane destruction in the Philippines we were part off…..

  4. Thank you, Michael Rood…for fulfilling your responsibilities as THE WATCHMAN, HERALDING OUT THE MESSAGE OF YAHOVAH….in Yeshua’s precious & MIGHTY name…Amen & Amein !!

  5. Thank You Michael I just want to let everyone know that I live in Florida and I’m a member of the Ambassadors Club someone from your staff gave me a call to check up on my family and it was a Blessing to tell her how YHVH protected not only my family but others on my street. Not only was there no damage to our house but the transformer that connects our electricity to our house with 4 other houses was spared so our 5 houses was the only houses that had electricity for miles.

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