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Please remember to take care of your emotional health. No matter how well you eat, if you neglect your emotional well being you will not be healthy.

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20 thoughts on “Emotional Health

  1. This topic was great Paul. One thing can throw off the rest and its important to keep that balance. Great reminder diet isnt the only key to great health. Thanks for looking out

  2. thank Yah & thank you! since i’ve been eating “clean” i’ve become very sensitive to refined processed foods… but every now & then I eat what I know I shouldn’t… & suffer from/ for it!

  3. Thank you brother Paul. I needed this. I could eat better. My stress is mostly caused by OCD and the benzo I take. Im praying, exercising, reading the Word, praising Yah and etc. I just got results on how to help my body more. Im following the list. My weakness is clean meats but I have to decrease it. Got alot of veggies, fruits, seeds, moringa, spring water, beans, ancient grains, probiotics that are all organic. I can do it for Yah and my health 🙂 God Bless you and for your time making videos. Thank you for the inspiration as well 🙂

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