19 thoughts on “Energy Drinks, Mark Of The Beast

  1. @GodHasNOMother About the KJB check this channel out MasoreticVsKJV Jeff A Benner channels . There is alot of info on the subject. About the drag racing , yes i like cars , i have 84 Rx7 in my garage . Judaism my next step , i study Talmud / Mishneh Torah/ Rashi/ Ramban etc etc… on the symbol i recomend you to check Rico Cortes videos on the mark of the beast. I study Torah every day , that is what i love .. Shalom ..

  2. @vDEATHxSTROKEv There are greater unseen powers influencing people in the world to do such things. And it’s happening more and more. And you thinking of it as absurd is exactly what they want. Until you are eating out of the hand of the devil himself and insisting it is the right thing to do and are imploring others to do the same. Be on guard my friend, SERIOUSLY!

  3. love it, i knew about that for a while but its crazy cuz a guy named rob dyrdreck or something like that got it tattooed on his whole back!!!!! WOW.. GOD HELP US

  4. Wow thank you so much for revealing the truth!! We are so deceived and oblivious to that is going on right in front of our eyes! Keep them coming.

  5. You know, the thing is everything we eat and drink these days are bad for u. Even something as simple as water has chemicals inside. Everything is poisonous for us. Whether Monster drinks are signs of the devil or not, so what? Everything we eat and drink in this logic is from the devil. The important thing is to control your temptations, and to keep Jesus Christ in our minds and heart, and have faith in our savior. Allow Him to mold us into his likeness. However, interesting video.

  6. This is what’s wrong with religious faith.
    I guess if you’re stupid enough to be a theist; you’re stupid enough to believe this is real.
    No one is born evil, religions make people evil.
    Religion is evil; and this video is proof.

    “Religion is regarded by common people as true, by wise men as false, and by rulers as useful” …Lucius Annaeus Seneca

  7. I actually found out about this over a year ago. Look how many are wearing t-shirts with this, stickers on bumpers, hats. Thanks for this vid. I believe I found your channel for a reason. Attended my first Passover and tonite, going to the One New Man Congregation.

  8. +The Health Watchman I saw a video of this and not only is the mark on there, but if you look closely on the letter O in the monster, you can see that it looks like a cross with a curved line; so when they lift to take a drink of it (bottoms up) the devil laughs because the cross is inverted, which means it becomes a demonic symbol!

  9. Red Bull is extremely suspicious to me. It’s essentially baal worship. Although bulls cannot perceive colors in the same way as humans, bright colors, such as red, do attract their attention. … bull in Mesopotamia, the Babylonians and Assyrians worshipped the bull god “Baal”

  10. wow Paul thankyou! I was taking a Satanic toast. I hope I don’t go to hell for drinking 1000 of these different drinks. I’m cleaning my ways up for the Lord Jesus. God bless you my friend.

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