Natalia Castro is a political writer, cabinet member with Future Female Leaders, a speaking coach, and one of the most respected voices for conservative women. In this series Politics for Believers, Natalia gives insight to many questions concerning the policies of our American nation.

On this episode, Any Reed and Natalia discuss women in leadership, liberal feminists vs. conservatives, the EPA and nuclear energy.
In the Gettysburg Address of 1863, President Abraham Lincoln stated that “government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.” However, many would argue that notion is not what it used to be. So, what’s happening? What can we do about it as believers? And where do we go from here?

This is a very informative interview you do not want to miss, only on Shabbat Night Live!


6 thoughts on “Equality and Ecosystems: Women’s Rights and Protection of the Environment

  1. Turn to Scripture for truth. God is the head of Men. Men are the head of women.
    Keep Gods commandments. Empower yourself with knowledge and understanding of Gods word.
    Feed the hungry, widows and orphans. Just doing that will keep you busy 24/7.

  2. Just gaslight yourselves into believing it’s about equality and not about blaming men for everything women don’t like. It’s easy, just do what all other feminists do. You don’t need intellectual integrity, you’re women.

  3. Women have too many “rights” and not any of the “responsibilities” that go with the rights. Women NEED to be required by law, just as men are, to sign up for the selective service, or they have no business voting.
    The family courts are 100% biased against men in every state, and in too many countries. Women are NOT becoming stronger, they are becoming more ignorant of reality.

  4. Thank you both so much. I enjoyed this series thoroughly. The average woman generally shys away from politics because of all the perversion. But I’m encouraged to see how essential it should be for us as women to step out of our ‘comfort zones’. Even as busy (24/7) as we get with raising our families. That we really need to pay attention and take a real interest in what goes on around us.

    And to also realize that men are only the heads (team leaders, not dictators) of ‘their women’, and not ‘all’ women. That we have rights as human beings to earn equal pay among other things. I do not believe that Yehova planned that ‘males’ should be rulers over ‘everything’. This is the mindset of the unbelieving ‘perverted’ culture that women have unfortunately lived in so long where men have imposed their ‘marital’ rights to all women.

    Obviously, we live in a world that as a whole does not know the true word of YHWH as it should, nor do the many religious leaders that we have forever trusted. And so, it is important that women continue to ‘in a conservative fashion’ work toward, and insist on our equal and fair status in this world. This is definitely NOT about tearing men down, but to make sure women are NOT being knocked down either. HIS truth, fairness, kindness, and love toward humanity.. for all men, and all women… whatever their shade of brown.

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