25 thoughts on “Esau and the Tares pt 1 – Brad Scott

  1. Thank you for presenting this on YouTube. Times are getting tougher and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to travel to the nearest Messianic worship service. This source of media may become more and more of all we have in order to learn scriptures from teachers such as Brad.

  2. Wake up! We’ve all been deceived. Learn who your Strawman is and what they did to your Birth certificate at your birth. You have all volunteered to be in the beast system. The state owns you as a bastard child. Wake up and do your research. He says come out of her my people lest you partake of her sins. Learn
    How you have been tricked into their fraud. Do your research now! You gave up all your god given unalienable rights by volunteering for the beast system the 666 SIN# which is your social insurance number, DL, marriage state license, voter card to vote for the corporation called United States, inc. It’s written my people perish for lack of knowledge. Be sober the hour is late and you helped with the fraud by volunteering into their beast system and helped in funding all the wars, abortions and abominations. Shalom

    • +Prayer Power Partners I was born into the Beast system.  I didn’t “volunteer” for anything.  That’s why Jesus died on the cross to set me free.  The freedom He gives is spiritual in this present Beast system and eternal in His kingdom.  Come out of her My people……..He is referring to the harlot religious system which worships a false Christ.   Those who are joined to a harlot are one with the harlot.  Thus, His true sheep are to separate from and come out of that harlot posing as the “Church”.   As far as coming out of the world, He will take of us in that respect if we found worthy to escape.  (Luke 21:36 and Rev 3:10)

    • +Prayer Power Partners having been deceived, tricked, lied to and manipulated does not mean we have volunteered … we have not … the adversary is a liar and a thief and none are immune to him except Yahusha, Himself … and it is under HIS protection we must be, and doing that, we relinquish and release any hold the enemy has/’had on us …. thanks for your dedication and loyalty to YHUH alone 😉

    • Ahmein! I know with certainty that I’ve not volunteered for anything evil! While it is true that His people perish for lack of knowledge, they are not volunteers until such time as someone shows them the truth (Or Yahusha shows them the truth), and they decide WILLINGLY to remain part of the harlot “church” that we are held accountable for it, unless we refuse to learn the truth up to the end, at which time all are held accountable, who die in their ignorance/sin. We are not volunteers, but deceived and ignorant, who have not yet learned differently. And we are “In the world, not of the world”, meaning that God knows we can’t escape this life while this planet is the only place we have to live while in these bodies. We don’t have to “practice sin”, while we’re here, but we can’t come out of any country, town, city or state and go to a place that is not corrupt in one way or another. God bless.

  3. Too much anti evolution for me. Firstly, evolution does not contradict the Bible, and is actually the straightforward interpretation of Genesis 1 and 2 (if you believe completely literally everything that is happening, such as creatures being made from *the earth and the seas* which is exactly what panspermia *is* and everything being made “according to their kind” which is exactly what the process of evolution *is* [rather than according to completely unrelated kinds or absolutely nothing], and if you actually assume that *all* the events of Genesis 1 and 2 are in chronological order, and if you understand *basic general relativity* which states that time for one person can be different from time for another, in such a way that if God is moving at the speed of light, a day from His perspective can be literally any amount of time, and if you realize that Yeshua was the Elohim creating things and that He *is the light*, so of course He can travel near the speed of light, which by the way, would explain why He rests and is in the garden, since the length of the days get shorter and shorter until He stops and the day is just a regular 24 hour timespan). The way evolution works is actually the very same Biblical spiral. You have a stable species of creatures. Some external force comes in and separates or harms a group of that species. That group produces a few mutants who survive and repopulate. Eventually, that group becomes another stable species – *which is of the general kind of the original species*. What we are being subject to by the Law and Yeshua is a type of evolution – which is why we will be *changed fundamentally* when we are raised. A stable species exists – humanity. An external force is introduced – sin and death. A way out – a change that must be taken – Yeshua and the Torah attached to Him – is provided, so that those who wish to survive must be changed internally (heart circumcision, both in the New Covenant and the Old Covenant), so that in a way, they are mutants (of the Spirit) from their old nature (the flesh). In the end, after the judgement of all humanity, only one group remains – that group which changed by following Yeshua – as a *new creature*. What’s interesting about those who decide to truly follow Yeshua is that they are the wheat while those who may be faking it among them are the tares (along with those who straight up don’t). What separates wheat from tares is fundamentally genetic. It is embedded in their nature to do what they do. Likewise, Yeshua’s sheep only hear His voice. This form of “predestination” is inherent to the person. Abraham and Noah were “mutants” and Israel is the family of “mutants”. Some of them get mixed in with the Nations that their “genes” which allow them to hear Yeshua get turned off. Others, however, have the “recessive gene” and are capable of waking up and listening to Him after they have an “epigenetic jolt” (you should Google epigenetics and learn about it – because the physical teaches the spiritual, even at the cellular and molecular level). Evolution actually teaches the Biblical pattern – if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    • +Trevor Martin  Evening/morning day 1. evening/morning day 2. 24 hour days. You know what….your diatribe smacks so much in Gods Word. I am going to stop right here other than to say…….what are you on?

    • +TomfromErie j
      I’m on truth. If your view is the correct interpretation of the Bible, then point blank, we are forced by the scientific data to believe that Genesis 1 is wrong. However, it needn’t be, since Rabbi Yitzhak of Akko back in 1300, long before evolution came into play, took the Genesis 1 account and the other Biblical evidence to mean that the Universe is 15.4 billion years old. This interpretation was considered valid and accepted by many, and is considered such in most of Orthodox Judaism today. Additionally, there were many before and after him who took the Genesis account literally (as he did) and yet believed that the Biblical data pointed to an extremely ancient universe and earth. What I am suggesting to you is that the YEC interpretation is a relatively new phenomenon, one that was not accepted by ancient Jews as the definitive interpretation, and that one shouldn’t deceive themselves in the face of science to hold onto their religious beliefs, because if one actually studies science and has the depth of Biblical study that these ancient scholars did, one will discover that God and the Bible actually agree with the established science, and that thus the YEC interpretation is unnecessary and invalid.

    • +Trevor Martin Nice try! Keep looking and you will be found.Hint,forget the GAP! GBFN;) I don’t say this in his defence .We ,the “Gentiles” are of a new covenant !!

    • +Scott Copeman
      http://www.aish.com/ci/sam/48951136.html http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/2901/jewish/How-Old-is-the-Universe-According-to-Judaism.htm http://www.simpletoremember.com/faqs/Kaplan-SimpleToRemember.com.pdf You call yourself Hebrew Roots but won’t listen to the interpretations of the Hebrews! There’s a reason Jews are everywhere Christians are: to *teach* us how to properly understand the Bible. They have knowledge of the way the Hebrew language actually works, the philosophies, spiritual practices, and histories handed down generation to generation from Abraham and Moshe, and the proper exegetical framework for the Bible.

    • +Trevor Martin… The Word Day used in Genesis In Hebrew means a 24 hour period, OR an unspecified unit of Time… If a Person has the Spirit of God, for a Teacher, and Comforter, Forever, as given by Immanuel in John 14:26, that Person enters into a Spiritual evolution, lasting Forever…. The Human race evolves, The Spirit within a person evolves, the Word of God has evolved from the Old Testament, to the Words of Christ, unto greater understanding of the Fathers Word…

  4. Another fake Israelite. Had to hit the dislike button. He just blathers on with the same old Armstrongism/Two House junk. (yawning) Twists scripture.

    • +James Riley
      The option to like and dislike is enabled for everyone for just this purpose!
      Let me add, if you disagree with segments and care to relay what specifically it is, and provide timestamps and rebuttal Biblical material to support your position, it becomes more educational for everyone.
      God bless

    • james riley, please could you give your arguments against as it is’nt good to hate or judge. You could be a catholic with a different theology perhaps. by the way not judging catholics, just an example.

  5. The Son of God, Immanuel, God with us, will Pray to the Father, for us to have the Spirit of God, for a Teacher, and Comforter, Forever, in the bible book of John, chapter 14, verse 26… The Messiah wants us to be Comforted, and Taught, Forever. Please Forgive, and Pray for everyone from the Heart…….

  6. Spot on Brad, simple enough to grasp through the scriptures. Many people actually like theological complicated stuff who may disagree with these videos.

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