11 thoughts on “Esau and the Tares pt 2 – Brad Scott

  1. President Obama has done exactly as the edomites, come in peacefully, then try and execute his plans…………..n done exact OPPOSITE of what he said he would do..

  2. Absolutely an AMAZING study!! God has led me into a very in depth study on Gods feasts which has also been enlightening. I found this video by happenstance (Gods appointment) because of words He said to me 1.5 years ago regarding separating the wheat from the chaff. WOW… I did a Google name search and did find more videos! I will beging through them in my daily devouring of Gods Holy word! You said it RIGHT… since I began this type of study, I cancelled Cable and I study with videos such as this and the Word of God. I am EXCITED to have found this beautiful gem! THANK YOU!!!

    • Brad Scott in my humble opinion has a better understanding of original Paleo-Hebrew alphabet and Proto-Canaanite script then any other individual I have personally studied, his insight and understanding are invaluable.
      However without the full comprehension and a greater understanding of the Epistles given to us by the Apostle Paul we can be led precariously to eternal damnation or at the very least suffer the times of the great tribulation.
      Consume the knowledge and wisdom but keep it in perspective in God’s overall design(The Progressive Revelation of the Plan of Salvation).
      God’s truth, design and reality are more desirable and entertaining then any Cable TV programming!
      You are welcome, enjoy.
      Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God bless

    • Cancelled cable a year ago, doing the same thing…Love it…Another site I highly recommend is 119 Ministries if you haven’t found them yet…Shalom…

    • Have studied most of 119 Ministries material, in my humble opinion they have flaws in their doctrine, mainly with the new testament and the epistles of Paul, anytime any ministry focuses on the other gospels instead of the epistles of the 1 individual who has comprised the largest portion not only of the new testament but the Bible itself(8 books estimated by most scholars) and the only individual to receive instructions from Christ after his accession and then when doing so it is very selective to try and support their viewpoint solely(a true lack of understanding the gospel of grace – again, in my humble opinion). That being said they do offer some interesting material. However due to the incorrect understanding of Paul and his epistles this YouTube channel has removed multiple presentations by 119 Ministries. Often times they state “the whole Bible is true and accurate” and yet fail to recognize or understand “rightly DIVIDING the word of truth” – this means exactly what it says, not separating right from wrong but dividing truths in God’s dispensational design.
      God bless

  3. Wow. This guy has one fantastic way of explaining the truth. would say he took the words right out of my mouth…only I had the thought just unable to formulate into such coherent logic. But he knows Hebrew and I do not so now i get it. I cannot comprehensive that others may not.

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