13 thoughts on “Esau and the Tares pt 3 – Brad Scott

    • From studying the history of Islam. Trying to figure out what the heck is going on in Europe with all the Muslim rape. Wondering what was up with that Muslim shooting up the gay bar in Orlando. Eddie Chumney does an excellent YouTube study on the Law of the Firstborn and the role of the Kinsman Redeemer. Fascinating stuff.

  1. HalleluYahuah from NY. Looking for a Torah observant, Yahuah honoring, Yahusha delivered congregation out here on Long Island anybody know of any?

  2. the Hyksos are the Native American, Black American and Hispanic in the world today. who do you think you’re fooling? the only people suffering the curses deuteronomy are the true Israelites. The white man should not even think that discernment of the scriptures was given to him but to his brother Jacob. (he showeth his word unto Jacob) the blessed chosen seed. Black and Brown people. our book of the law has nothing to do with religion.the seed of the woman is the seed of Israel. does not god call Israel his wife, himself an husband unto zion??? will crush the seed of the devil/Lucifer, the sons of esau on the earth today. the usurpers of the identity of the Greeks and Romans, the so called white man.

    • +Ranter Redhead let’s face it, the name Blue Eyed Devil was well earned. And any serious scholar knows where Red Hair came from. We are so blessed that God has written that ANYBODY who calls on His name will be saved! But I believe the evidence is the that the first people on Earth were darker. (Brown/Black). Nobody not another race even comes close to matching the murder, theft, rape, molestation, incest and deception that the White man commits everywhere his feet touch. As for today Blacks and Browns need to wake up and see all the BS Lies the White man has in place. NASA is 100% CGI GARBAGE, the News is all lies, most mass murders in America are hoaxes, almost every female celeb in Hollywood is a tranny (LOOK CLOSE, Celine Dion, Cindy Crawford, j-Lo, Lady GaGa, Beyoncé, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Christina Grimmie, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Cameron Diaz, Leslie MANN, Cher, Kristen Stewart, Kim K, Angelina Jolie. First go look at “celebs who admit to be trans.” Then look again…

  3. The children of Esau are most definitely fooling the masses into believing that THEY are Israel. Luckily for those who read the Bible, Jesus called them out in Revelation. Beware they who LIE & SAY they are Jews BUT ARE FROM THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN! These snakes aren’t difficult to spot as They are the Jews who run corrupt business, deal in corrupt politics & court cases. They make cartoon filth & video games for our children to watch and become even more brain dead. They are creating poisons aka GMOs to consume, Mercury containing vaccines & putting Fluoride in our water, Because they care about our teeth 👌🏽😂 They program the minds of children w 12 yrs of MIS-education & back it up with deceptions from NASA & the Smithsonian. Both groups commit blasphemous crimes against humanity! These fake Jews also run our military & all major sports, which clearly they use to then promote the military! Lastly, they run the evil banking system, the Satanic Music Industry, ALL Media, FB, YT & more

    • Awesome!
      Rewarding knowing the information and wisdom is beneficial and enjoyed. The thirst for the Word of God can never be quenched!
      Praise our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, God bless

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