Michael Rood tells the story of Purim — TONIGHT at 8pm Eastern!

It's Episode 1 in the dramatic story of Purim. Michael begins with events leading to the exile of Queen Vashti and reveals the eventual planned extermination of all the Jews in the land…including Esther, the new bride of King Ahasuerus.

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6 thoughts on “Esther: The Story of Purim – Shabbat Night Live – 03/10/17

  1. I love the parts with Nehemia! Thank you for doing these each week.  Hopefully you all heard him mention the movie: EXODUS from 1960 – with Paul Newman and many other stars.  It is one of my favorite films and display good history of the Land of Israel.  I haven’t seen the Purim story yet, so I’ll comment on that later.  Yehovah bless!  Gregg

  2. Such a great story teller! Really helps give scope to the kingdom of Xerxes & the significance of the issue. Also, great point with Nehemiah that Jews from Israel can’t even travel to those Muslim countries that everyone’s so upset about with the travel ban. When those countries don’t have that law for national security, but for hatred & bigotry. More of the right should be bringing that up. It’s such a backwards mentality so many have these days. Strong delusion. Shabbat shalom.

  3. Yes the Jews will return to Israel and the borders of Yisra’el will be restored to the promise YHVH made all those thousands of years ago!! We live in the best of times and the worst of times.

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