It has been a while I gave an update on my fruit trees and how they are growing. Since my last update I got some new trees to show you.

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14 thoughts on “Every Raw Vegan Should Eat Food Like This

  1. Wow, really nice job. Keep up the great work. I would like to get a few Banana trees for my yard. Possibly try out some other fruit trees, in time. Thanks for the videos, sending good vibes your way.

  2. LoL as I watch this video I notice a single thumbs down. There will likely be more eventually. I am curious about the reasoning of a single negative thought or impulse that would occur from viewing this video. Am I missing something that my closer to the Equator brother is doing that would or could arouse a negative impulse to motivate a “thumbs down”? and I just Lol’d again just thinking about this very possibility..lololol

  3. Locally grown, in season sustainable food systems… Love it! If our diets have to be trucked, shipped, flown, and GMO’d to have something to eat then something is wrong. Good job Paul!

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