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  1. i love you rabbi im stil lseeking Jesus and ive been and still am going to very harsh times but im glad i am going through it and i have a chance to show the cretor how much i am appreciative of him

  2. Shabbat Shalom Rabbi. Thank you for this wise message. Shabbat Shalom to all my Judeo brothers and sisters on this Sabbath. PTL, amen.

  3. what a great day Today is a one day closer to heaven. for this is the day the Lord has made Hallelujah we have Victory in Jesus name. God bless brother Schneider family and friends and his enemies. . love you always

  4. Rabbi, YOU are such an ENCOURAGEMENT to ALL of us!  It is a BLESSING because so MANY of us grew up being verbally abused (verbally CURSED) by our PARENTS:  i.e., so MANY us grew up hearing, “YOU are STUPID”, “YOU should NEVER have been BORN!”, or “YOU were an ACCIDENT!”, or “YOU have absolutely NO TALENT!”  I just received a wonderful CD TEACHING about this subject from Pat Robertson, head of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and it’s “700 Club”.  Pat said we can CURSE or BLESS the FUTURE of our CHILDREN (and also OTHERS) by the WORDS that come OUT of our MOUTHS!  I wanted to put an END to this TERRIBLE “generational curse” that had been done to ME by MY parents, and done to MY parents by THEIR parents because I NEVER wanted my OWN child(ren) to suffer the EMOTIONAL PAIN it caused ME, so made a CONSCIOUS DECISION to ONLY speak LIFE to MY Son, who has been SUCCESSFUL his ENTIRE LIFE!  I told my Son REPEATEDLY from the time he was a LITTLE BOY though his 20’s that HE could be WHATEVER he WANTED to be as long as HE was WILLING to WORK HARD for it!  Rabbi, YOU might also want to add MORE to this very IMPORTANT TEACHING!

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