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26 thoughts on “Everything Is A Lie

  1. I wish you were right about people knowing the truth.  Reality is, 95% of truth seekers know something is wrong, but they dont knwo what, the propaganda is enormous.  I think 80% of alt news is co-opted gate keepers telling a bit more truth than msm, but still deceiving people purposeful as they are paid to do.
     I dont believe 3/11 quake(initial japan tv report said 6.8), I question fukushima, (look how they dealt with Chernobyl) Chemtrails (poision is side effect of radiation blocking)…(so why unleash fuku rad but block solar)  Tempeature is more or less the same now as 20 years ago except its +x2 cloudy, this must mean the sun that does get to the earth is possibly twiceas strong as it used to be.  This means if it keeps increasing, clouds will have to be every day, and id expect tptb to trigger volcanoes to help put particulates in the air simulating an ice age…(big forest fires are good at doing this as well) Tptb want to control and enslave us, they do not want to destroy the planet, I actually think they are trying to protect it from something beyond their control…………  People look to events and then give theory as to why, but it is important to understand tptb and then apply that to events. 

    1993 back door bail out no one hears about, 2001, 9/11 largest bank in the world, trucks found loaded with gold stuck under collapse, 9/11 = bank heist pentagon also lost 3 trillion, then 2008 bubble can no longer be hidden, so fake money printed to prevent collapse.  Now the next event will pillage the wealth of the people from savings and retirement funds, I then expect the system to continue on again as it has so many times before, once recapitalized it should work for a short while.  But now people are mad, which is why they have militarized the police and repealed posse commetatus.  Just like fuku “disaster” which could be fixed (although i doubt its real ) is not, and the economic downturn could be fixed, but its not

  2. Without a doubt, this is one of your best video presentations about the
     current situation in this country.  I wish it could be shown to every congregation of every denomination or church.  God Bless You Charles and the work you are doing!!!

  3. Well, unfortunately, we live in a world of lies.

    People are more interested in lies than in the truth….I suppose that is why a lot of things that are happening now are taking place.

    You want the truth, then you have to go to the source and ask questions, instead of listening to malicious gossip, particularly on the Internet. Some people on the Internet make it up as they go along as if they are living in some Sci-fi fantasy movie or something and not real life.

    The measure of a person is when you hear something from them, you fact check it and verify it and find them to be telling the truth over and over gain….Some people are born and they are constantly telling lies, about everything….Like one man online some years ago he said he sister was always lying, I read it in the comments area as you can find out all kinds of information from reading the comments area…..Some people have those traits….Check your facts and you will find out who has integrity and knows what they are talking about.

    The world is full of different types of people, so you cannot expect them to be just like you.

    Yes we are all Christian in MY family, although that is our concern, our religious denomination.

    I am pretty transparent, I can talk about most things openly and candidly, and most important of all, I do not hide my face…..The measure of a man or woman is when they show their face to you, instead of hiding behind some type of mask….Some people like to tell lies and then hide….If what you are saying is true and correct, then why hide or communicate through third parties?…..Too many con artists these days.

    You must be careful who you involve yourself with these days, you can only truly vouch for yourself.

    Besides, these people are not interested in the truth.

  4. He do his research. He is right. The fact that he care so much to share. I live to die for my brother and sisters in God, even those without him.

  5. You had me, until you went all ‘illuminati’, for real man, get a grip on that one, the illuminati, if it did still exist today would be the good guys on our side seeking to expose the evils in our society, and religion is bunk, sorry man, you’re still bonded and blinded by the mind control of your colonial aggressor.

  6. Thank you for doing this video I believe you. I’m new to all this…I’m getting through all the videos posted up about this evil going on, which is all around us and in our face everyday. I’m a Christian and a heterosexual black woman, it’s really scary because things are happening at work and within my new community everyday related to these clones that are all around us…Thanks for doing this video…

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