Today I have Shalom Serene Shick as a guest. She is a former witch! For 20 years she practiced Wicca. Hear her amazing story of how she was saved and her message now! Check out her site at


22 thoughts on “Ex-Witch Is Now a Believer and Keeps Torah

  1. wanting to commit suicide over a god you were one piece of instabile woman.and i hear you again saying again you are in christianity for the power.get with your two feet on the ground in stead of escaping reality,cause thats what you do.the upper level?o please yes there are satanic witches but most of them are not.again maybe u were in the dark group?

  2. @kernunno5 Right, Romans 9-11… 😛

    You actually revealed a very interesting question. Why does Paul offer HIMSELF as an example of an Israelite that HAD NOT been “thrust away” by the Creator?

  3. @pupsenok i agree and to be honest you have to be born a witch.most of the times christian people try witchcraft and then they go back to christianity because they never had this connection with the pagan gods.thats no problem but they start trashing paganism.i came from the charismatic movement i tried their believe but it wasnt meant to be.but i dont blame christians.i just say hey it wasnt for problems are always my responsability and i solve stead of blaming god or the gods

  4. how stupid you dont speak in tonguess so i dont baptise if speaking in tongues makes you a christian.this woman really had some bad experiences with some cult members.cause thats what i call them.rejecting a person because she doesnt speak in tongues.

    • Speaking in tongues is of the Holy Spirit which is of GOD, which is righteous and perfect and holy and good.

      The evil one of this world has blinded you so you do not understand that demons control you and inhabit your body, repent sister for they do not love you, they hate you, as they have hated me and used and hurt me. I have Jesus Christ now, I walk in light of my GOD, baptism is of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit!

      Not your demonic witch practices which has held you captive, sister get out of there! Jesus can set you free He is the Christ and High Priest which allows you to contact with GOD the FATHER Himself.

      For demons do not control or use me anymore the LORD GOD has use of me, and loves me, and does not abuse me! He values me, and now the demons tremble before the Lamb Of GOD’S Name, Jesus Christ for He has given me and Christians authority over the kingdom of darkness the devil shall me crushed under our feet! I fear not demons nor evil for I have authority over them, and GOD is my Shield and my Sword.

      The LORD tells you leave those abominable practices, Praise GOD forever. And His Son amen.

  5. You talk about human sacrifice but didn’t Jesus sacrifice himself to save us from our sins? I don’t judge anybody on their religion. I am happy that you found peace in your new religion and I give you lots of credit for studying as long and hard as you did in Wicca, but I feel like to insinuate that we are being “deceived” is unfair and judgemental. Just like you found your peace, perhaps Wicca has brought peace to others as well.

  6. I WAS SO GOOD AT WITCHCRAFT I WAS SUMMONING SPIRITS DIRECTLY INTO MY CIRCLE. I’ve seen much. One night I took on the god form (medium) of Christ and saw his spirit in the woods directing my out of there. Soon after, he mysteriously appeared in 5 of my paintings and 1,000 other bizzare divine sychro’s linked directly to him. HE DIED FOR US! Watch Joseph Price and learn about GRACE!

  7. I know it seems and feels this way. There are many many “lords and ladies” that portray themselves as Gods. With some people they torment, with others they play a more beneficial role. Sometimes it depends on the spirit/s you’re dealing with, sometimes it depends on what they’re looking for in you. If they prefer your fear or your love. They are akin to psychopaths, and I’m almost positive they are to you know, cross them and you’ll find the other side. They are wolves in sheep clothing.

  8. Jesus was the great and last sacrifice. To sacrifice animals/humans post-Jesus’s atonement/sacrifice is to disrespect and blaspheme the great and last sacrifice of Jesus. Jesus wants mankind to sacrifice only a broken heart and contrite spirit, a willing heart and a willing spirit, this is the only sacrifice we are supposed to give Him now, excepting tithe, but tithe to God not to charlatans, even tithe to the homeless can be for God.

  9. @chigasaki06 The same way you know your “deity” is ALSO not a demon, I would imagine. Our deities provide comfort and a sense of belonging, while also never telling us to commit immoral acts against ourselves or other living beings.

  10. David, you seem to be missing something. No one is saying we are saved by works. We are saved by the blood of Yeshua! So if we are truly saved why would you not want to live the way Yeshua told us to? It said to keep the commands. BTW, Torah doesn’t mean law it means instructions.

  11. David, sorry to tell you that you are incorrect about just about everything you wrote. Please see my other videos so you can get an idea of what the Bible says, not some man speaking in a church. They they are two different things. Jamie is correct. Both of you David and Jamie, please don’t post any more comments under this video. if you do I will remove all your comments. David if you would like to talk to me about why you ideas are not true I’ll be happy to. just private message me on FB.

  12. The WORD is a SOUND, which takes on miraculous rules in Heavenly dimensions. The word is Om. Find the path that feels right in your soul. Jesus is the Master, and Krishna, and Blessed Mary are highly evolved spiritual masters as well – there are many. Find Christ in your thoughts and your heart. Religions are just like airlines – they all fly to the same place.

  13. Bless you tell her I love her! For Christ is good to those who truly love Him love the Father and the Son for they are one. There is only one GOD and that is the Father in heaven who uses the earth as a footstool and the heavens where His Throne is glorified forever.

    I am submissive to my GOD, and serve Him forever.

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