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5 thoughts on “EXODUS 38:21-40:38, 1 KINGS 7:51-8:21, LUKE 16:1-13

  1. Shavuot shalom brother and sister thanks for the reading but don’t you know when you end a prayer in ahmen you are glorifying prometheus Mithra Horus Nimrod extra its amen and the Almighty’s name is Yehovay Yod Hey Vav Hey

    • Brother Steve, although I think you mean well, you may want to take note of the fact that YAH has many names… ie:
      “EHYEH” = I AM which HE stated very clearly in scripture was also His NAME. (Ex. 3:14). Food for thought … Shalom

  2. SISTER PAM, One day on Shabbat can you play a beautiful song called “Fine Linen-Wedding of the Lamb” by Christene Jackman? It’s so appropriate for Shabbat and you would be wonderful at singing it sister!

    Thank you both… missed the live feed but got to watch afterwards. Praise YAH for making a Way for fellowship on Shabbat.

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