13 thoughts on “Exotic Fruits in Sydney Australia #270

  1. Asian markets are always awesome.

    “Atemoya” is a delicious cross between the highland-climate Cherimoya (annona cherimola) and the lowland-climate Sugar Apple (annona squamosa), so it’s a hybrid meant to grow cherimoya-like fruits at lower altitudes. True sugar apples are small and more segmented.

    Those yellow cultivars of Pithaya (dragonfruit) have yet to reach the USA. I hope to get that cactus someday. That’s one of my favorite fruits (can grow in limited space, too!)

  2. The dollar in Australia is pretty close to the US dollar. Nothing like some fresh juice in a Styrofoam cup. Something about Styrofoam bothers me.
    Thanks Paul for sharing more of the market with us.

  3. i had never seen that yellow dragon fruit. my yelliw dragon fruit has thorns on the fruit. that one is more like my red physical grapffiti. do you know what that one is called?

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