Joe Kovacs is the Executive News Editor for World Net Daily, as well as an acclaimed journalist who has applied his research skills to uncover shocking truths from the Bible. Join Michael and Joe as they reveal the mysteries and myths of Christian tradition.

Fake news. Leftist agenda. Opinions over facts. Most Christians and conservatives would agree the mainstream media giants are brainwashing the public with lies and misdirection. But we aren’t fooled, right?
Well, maybe we are. Could we really have our own fake news that needs to be debunked? Hear what Michael and Joe have to say about the many inherited lies that Christianity has accepted as truth for centuries, and how they are actually abominations according to the Bible.

What’s a yule log? What’s wrong with the Christmas tree? Were there really three wise men at the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem? The answers to these questions and many more will shock you!

We now live in one of the most Biblically illiterate generations the world has ever seen. The hollow traditions of men still worship the sun god, but Biblical truth summons us to worship the Son of God! The time is now to put away traditional vanities, stand for truth, and write His word on our hearts.


12 thoughts on “Fake News in Christianity: Man’s Agenda vs. God’s Truth (Episode 1 of 3)

  1. Thanks very much Joe Kovacs and Michael Rood for this lecture: I appreciate it very much.
    About the pagan history of 25 December, I knew something but didn’t know, It was that bad.
    Concerning celebrating the birth of Christ on that day, you are offcourse right, when you remind us of these awfull history but maybe it might not be that wrong, I think:
    First of all it is a long tradition in our present life (it will be very difficult to change that) and further:
    I should like to compare it with the celebration of our last Queen in the Netherlands (Beatrix) who was born at 31th Januar, however her bithday was celebrated on the 30th April because that time of the year (and the weather) suited better and I never thought it was fundamental wrong.
    When we also definitely hate all these pagan worships of the past and subtitute it at the same time for the love of God and Christ, could that not be a acceptable celebration of the birth of Christ?: we substitute the wrong for the right!

    • Toby Hriatpuia listen all I can say is take time out and go to a quiet place an sincerely ask the questions you feel like asking, and just open your heart for him to come to you

    • Toby Hriatpuia how do u think the first human came about I now what they teach in science that monkeys evoveld to man today kind of convincing when u think about all the similartary man vs chimpanzees have but then again do chimpanzees still live today and do not man also live amongst them if u believe this with common since wouldn’t chimpanzees or monkey be distinct as a whole if they all evolved into humans either there would be one or the other liviving today but behold man live and witness monkey living as well at the zoo were do they come from there indeed not cloned but this has been the way of America. Since Christopher Columbus to teach the inhabitant not to think for them selves or should I say there whole purpose of so called breaking of a slave now u see how that after 400 years of captivity it steal exist til this day amongst us Hebrews that are still asleep although were not physically been beat and lynched today but mentally we don’t think for ourselves but allow the white beings in high positions today think for us this is done because we automatically think that these people speak truth but indeed lie in fact. Now I breech u to read scripture with thought aka common sense shalom

    • Well follow this process: Buy a Bible in your language. Read the words in RED in the NT and compare everything Jesus says carefully with the Law and the Prophets. If you come to believe that Jesus (Yehoshua) is the Messiah then get baptized (try a conservative church, the liberal ones will let you down) asap and continue in prayer and study and not only that but also DO GOOD WORKS as Messiah commanded in Matthew chapter 15

    • There is a God, His name is Yehovah and His Son’s Name is Yeshua. He deeply loves YOU. He has displayed Himself in the heavens and in the beautiful things of earth. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you in way that you will know it is Him . Dont give up until you get a breakthrough. His Spirit will reveal and guide you into all truth. His Word is Truth. So if you dont have a Bible, go purchase one or download the BLB ( Blue Letter Bible) on your phone and choose a translation that speaks to you. His Holy Spirit will guide you. I will pray for you. God bless you and keep you.

  2. I do not trust the more modern translations because they are NOT translations from the Latin Texts they are rewordings of the KJV

  3. I like everything in here but the food bit is wrong in my opinion. Doesn’t Paul talk about this in Romans? Gentiles are gentiles, Jess are Jews, you can’t tell a gentile to be a Jew and you can’t tell a Jew to be a gentile. Just doesn’t work

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