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27 thoughts on “Farmers Market Open Air Preaching West Palm Beach Florida

  1. Nice Paul! Shabbat Shalom brother! I love when you do street preaching videos because I really, really love street preaching, and there aren’t really any T/O street preachers unfortunately. Actually most seem to stop reading after they read about repentance. Bless you!

  2. Return from the wedding ??. Luke 12:36 KJV
    [36] And ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, when he will return from the wedding; that when he cometh and knocketh, they may open unto him immediately.

    Wedding has happened and then He comes? If this doesn’t show Yeshuas coming as a thief for the Bride and wedding guests, and then again to the whole world (tribulation saints) , you will never be convinced.

    Righteousness (keeping Torah) is your wedding clothes. If you are not wearing the wedding clothes you are left, and be beaten with many stripes.

  3. Jesus is the bread of life manna from heaven consume the word daily Holy Spirit abounds drink of the new covenant repent become a new creature in Christ

  4. Good work sir! Our Church Street preaches every Friday and door-to-door preaches every Saturday. The word is a fire don’t ever stop.

    • They follow a pagan based religion and most don’t even know it… they just keep believing what they are told generation to generation… it’s sad.

    • The indoctrination with Catholicism happens early and is deep , they are taught to be loyal to the church not YHWH , completely steeped in paganism and opposite what the word says but they aren’t told the truth in any way , many even tell people not to try to read a bible , that’s what their priests are there for, so sad . Little do many know the priests are pedos and some worship Lucifer .

    • Many worship Lucifer KC.. I was catholic for about 25 years and simply went through the motions as they teach you to do… that includes making the sign of an UPSIDE DOWN cross on yourself every time you kneel or bow for worship. no one pays attention to the fact that it’s upside down though. I praise YHWH for saving me. I saw that most of what they told me never held true when i was in the church… I “felt” something was very wrong. I searched, researched, and prayed prayed for Truth. YHWH answered my prayers literally by placing things/people in the right places at the best of times to get me to see Truth. Pedo’s do hide in that church among other “non-biblical.” sects of people doing things that only pagans would think are normal.
      Ahmein KC !

    • +barb Amen! , and the pope wants to push his Sun-day law on the world. The anti-christ (pope) wants the world to honor their sungod, by forcing the world to worship on sunday, instead of God’s holy seventh day sabbath. Why do you think poland, paris italy, and other countires are banning sunday shoping? They are using climate change to deceive people by telling them that they need to keep sunday holy. The pope is using the family to tell people that they need to spend time with their families on sunday, and that they must participate in their pagan practices of the RCC. This was propecied in scripture. Daniel and Revelation. In Revelation God exposed the RCC as mystry babylon, the mother of harlots.Revelation 7:5 Harlots meaning she the RCC has daughters that teach/keep pagan doctrins, and that is churches of America, practically all of them keep sunday the false sabbath. Worshiping on the pagan sunday. If your eyes are open, and not in need of eye salve. You will see that all the apostate churches of America are all apart of the ecuminical movement. These apostate churches are also forming an image unto the beast by joining forces with the government. Church and state will join forces. This in bible prophecy. Don’t you see the evangelicals are all on Trump stating that he was called by God to save America from it’s MORAL DECAY? They are trying to legislate morality. Which is not bibical. You can not legislate morality. That can not change people’s hearts to serve God. Or to change their evil and wicked ways. Only the gospel of Jesus Christ can change people. Only the spirit of God can do that. Not the government, not Donald Trump. But apoastate protestants are deceived thinking that by joining forces with the government they can bring America back to God. Their so-called pagan gospel is weak, because if they would live/preached the pure gospel of Jesus Christ they would not need to go and seek out any government help in regards to religious matters. They are all deceived by SATAN. The bible prophecied about the false prophet, apostate protestants joining forces with Rome/the state to try and legislate morality. And that will lead to a NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW. Which satan has been trying to get people to disobey God’s fourth commandment. The SEVENTH DAY SABBATH. he has been attacking God’s twin institution. Marriage/ the 7th day sabbath. The bible says that the whole world wonders after the beast. And that anyone that worship the beast and recieve it’s mark. ( mark of the beast) shall receive of her plauges. The bible says that people should come out of her. Revelations 18:4 Come out of babylon. The RCC false, pagan worship, and the apostate churches too because they uphold her doctrins of sunday sacredness etc.

  5. Before in my old life as an atheist I would have been disgusted and now that I’m born again seeing you speak the truth makes my heart so joyful! God bless you and HalleluYAH!

  6. Brooklyn-knites here. I love when you do street preaching you get to see the true colors the devil possesses. They get mad, laugh, and throw your pamphlets on the ground. Yahweh will depart from them for they rejected him. Woe to them woe. But you are on the right path. Sad part they dont wanna be saved

  7. I hate when farmer markets are open on the Sabbath. As much as I like farmers markets, but only lifesavers should be working even if it is the sabbath.

  8. Praise the Lord
    Mr Paul. Nison
    That was wonderful you was street preaching today i. Study with you. on. YouTube i didn’t know you were gonna be street preaching today i was in palm beach county today i would have came by today to meet you in person our great teacher who the father has given to us to spread the word of our savior Jesus Christ were is the farmers market in palm beach and
    Mr Paul when are you are gonna do another preaching on what date i’m from palm beach county but i moved to another county now

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