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Fasting and Overeating

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12 thoughts on “Fasting and Overeating

  1. I fasted for 21 days juicing greens and reading healing scriptures/bible King James Bible my whole body got healed allergies gone and I suffered bad. It’s been 11 years and they haven’t came back. God is awesome!

  2. Doing a 21-40 day water only fast has been the path to health for many people who just couldn’t get healthy otherwise. It’s one of the most beneficial things for anyone. The only thing that really allows for deep cell cleansing. Everything else just surface cleanse.

  3. Good video! Detoxification in general – let it be from fasting, saunas, juice cleansing, raw foods, herbs and better yet a combination of all – is amazing!

  4. I agree that fasting is a good practice for health but I was told not to because I am Type 2 diabetic on insulin. I really want to find a way to do it. Any ideas on how I can fast. Thank you.

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