Fasting is the key to good health and digestion.

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19 thoughts on “Fasting for good health

  1. I’ve never fasted before beyond 16 hours. Right now I’m intermittent fasting from 8pm to 12pm. My heaviest weight was 370 pounds. I’m currently 358. I feel that I’m being led to fast for my health and for spiritual break through. I want to do a 40 day water fast starting Saturday. That means no food for Christmas and I’m alright with that. It’s the same stuff we ate last year. Thanks for this video.

    • Your goal is very ambitious and I wish much health for you. I would suggest small goals like Paul says, go one or two days a week without eating. Even the most advanced fasters work their way up to a 40 day water fast. I’m afraid that if you did this all at once, your body would detox more than your kidneys and liver could handle. It would be less stressful for your organs to detox those poisons over time giving them time to regenerate in between. I wish you the best of luck 🙂

    • asalamulekum I think I’ll take your advice. I decided to fast today until 8pm and my head is killing me. I keep thinking about going 40 days and it’s making me nervous.

    • asalamulekum You’re right. I can’t just do one thing and everything is fine. I have to learn to wait I guess. No one thing will fix everything.

  2. I fast usually 23 hours every day. Fasting causes ketosis. If you go longer without eating you can afford to buy better foods. Ketosis, saving money, testosterone increase 180%, HGH increases 2000%, autophagy, detox, etc. are all really good reasons to fast.

  3. So happy I finally came across your channel! I want to fast Sunday and Monday. Yogi Zen a while back was saying we should do that with him on Facebook. And to me it represents the two most powerful earthly forces in our finite human universe. The sun in the day and the moon of Mon-day in the night. 🙂

    What books are actually in the Torah? I heard it was the first four books in the Bible the Torah is but I do not know forsheezy! Ha ha.

  4. I have questions about genesis 1:29

    is it interpreted as people are not meant to eat plants that have not sprouted seeds yet? for example kale sprouts seeds in its second year but mostly kale is harvested the first year. Also hybrid plants may have no functional seeds.

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