If we truly believe in Yahweh we should have no fear of man. We need to put our faith in Him. Please share this message with anyone you know who says they are a believer but last faith or understanding in what the Bible says about this topic.

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5 thoughts on “Fear God Not Man

  1. Agree 100% YHWH knows everything so way run to other people when you can just smiply run to YHWH and get answers. If you seek Him you will find him. Shalom .

  2. After all these years I discover that G-d is the only way, of course, through Yeshua the Messiah.
    Even, the way we should eat makes sense. He knows the heards and minds of men and the instructions, for example Proverbs, are worth more than silver and gold.

    Shalom and Blessings!!!!

  3. The Law and Prophets is 2/3rds of Scripture, Yet as a Christian I was taught we really only go by the 1/3rd N.T…….Well that’s like having a house that’s only 1/3rd built…..and no foundation ….But when we add the rest of Scripture and live by it……then we are complete ….and have a Complete House that can withstand a hurricane ! ………Have a Blesses and Joyous Week, Shalom

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