16 thoughts on “Fear the Lord

  1. Amen Rabbi 🙂 oh how He has given me much wisdom which caused me to finally know how I’m lost and doomed without Him, Jesus Christ, the One and Only Living, Holy, Pure and Eternal God

  2. Thank you Rabbi for the help of understanding this topic. My husband and I were just talking about this a couple days ago, and I was having problems truly understanding it.

  3. Shalom Rabbi K.A.Schneider Thank you for your wonderful teaching , My son has the similar , story when your was young , he name is Jesus , is 19 year’s old , is in the hospital since March 20 , we praying so much for him to be free from the enemy hands , are a Messianic for 15 month ,

  4. Word in due season I needed to hear this morning. The day is at hand and repenting is a true and tried way to holiness and true forgiveness. May blessings be multiplied when we be doers of this and not just hearers. Amen.

  5. and then? Then Paul goes on to usurp the very Word of the Lord, Yeshua Ben’David! The Fear of the Lord is the Flood, the Fear of the Lord is Destruction, for Apollyon comes, and yet, Wisdom comes for those who know why, and to those who ask Y, as Y’s are Men! To know of Wisdom is to know of the Ancient of Days…to have Understanding is to be under a Covering! To be complete one must know you are a Beast, made in their image, kept as the pet, the servant, and in the end their food! We are the Vessels who lived to tell, and yet placed within us is the memory of what was, is not, and yet shall be! Pre-Flood was the Creation, Post-Flood is the Beast placed within the Ark as the last Hope for Mankind, for we are not Man, we are Men! A-Men, Ha’Shem is the Spirit of a Man, Pre-Flood! Christianity is the Vanity of Paul, he who came in his own name, he who received of an Angel of Light, he who claimed his Translation….His Translation! Peace-Out, Helios-In…just as in the Days of Noah, yet, this time we are given Sackcloth as a Blessing!

    • Paul was a First Fruit unto GOD…who is the GOD-Father and not the Creator, it is Satan, the Dragon, that of the Water itself! The first shall be last and the last shall be first! I-Ron, House of Manasseh…The Air of EL (EL is “L”) is the Heir that is in Err, O’Ariel, O’Ariel, wake up from that Dream of Destruction, for it is truly a Deliverance!

    • I know you do not understand what I am saying…most do not know of the Flood, of the Destruction upon Man, or why it even happened. They are unaware they are in Paradise, broken, and they cannot be Judged for breaking Paradise, …those who come, they come to be Judged!

  6. I LOVE the Lord and FEAR him in the sense that I may let him down and sin! I try my best to DO HIS WILL but sometimes we ALL fall short of the glory of GOD and JESUS! PTL, amen. PS Thank You Rabbi! I have learned SO MUCH about Yahweh and Yeshua through Your Teachings! I’m FOREVER in debt to You! I love You ALL and Shalom.

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