This year I will be celebrating the feast of Tabernacles in Missouri. In this video I interview the organizer Tim Kelley. For more information about this event visit


14 thoughts on “Feast of Tabernacles

  1. I am kinda new to the feasts ….willing to learn .my main question is….does an open top tent count as a sukka?  whole top can b exposed. Praise Yah…

  2. I AM of the tribe of Judah You are not a Jew you are a liar yeshua has awakened his true children the Hebrew Israelites are black and we are coming to back to our land and you will pay DEARLY FOR Your DECEPTION.. ALL PRAISE TO THE MOST HIGH GOD YESHUA

    • +Suga Nolan All colors will be in his people Israel. Racist clowns like you will die in the tribulation coming soon. Repent or sleep in the mess you made.

    • Ms. Nolan, isn’t it time for you to confess and repent of the foolishness that you posted here 2 yrs ago? Your aggression and hatred has been ignored rather than returned, don’t you see? Do you realize that, like Satan, you have said that you will ascend to the throne of the Most High? There is only One who is “I AM” and you would do well to fear Him more than you do when you refer to yourself by that Name. The dogma you have been taught is only taking root in your heart because you are more focussed on flesh than the Spirit, so turn away from your self-oriented striving and toward the Most High who sent His Son Yeshua to deliver us all from such sins which separate us from God and each other. Study the life of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his own brothers, like you, for the strengthening of his character and faith in YHVH…not to mention the salvation of his people! Have you been to Africa to bring the salvation of the Gospel to YOUR PEOPLE? I have. Learn the meaning of “Ephraim is My first-born” if you suppose that you know Messiah and have the indwelling of the Ruach HaQodesh! Proverbs 30:4 is the most important question asked in the Scriptures. Ans: YHVH and Yeshua HaMoshiach

    • You will feel really stupid once the Most High King ever shows you the TRUTH!
      I AM an Israelite part of the tribe of GAD, I inherited my father’s native Y chromosome and an X from my mother so though I don’t have her nationality of genes, I have a lot lighter pigmentation then a darker color. Many would say I even look “white” but white is not a nationality anyway, but I’m certainly not Caucasian since the Harmon/Herman
      family ancestry was entirely from the Middle East Asia Africa Asia going through all the land of the Tribes!
      I guess maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that the Holy Spirit told my mother before I was born to name me after Sarah, Abraham’s wife in the scriptures.
      You may want to look into the Truth because Yahuah wasn’t a racist so why are you?

  3. I am a Christian but I have long acknowledged the true Sabbath. I wanted to experience the Feast of Tabernacle. But I obviously ran into the wrong crowd.

    I went on a 12 (24 hours roundtrip) car trip with this family to sleep out in tents. But the entire trip was a brainwashing experience. They played sermons from their perspective constantly which turned into Christian bashing. At one point the sermons got very radical and militant with talk of slashing someone’s face who tried to mess with him or his family. The entire group was blacks who were bitter about enslavement and expressed resentment toward white people. Thought them to be seeds of the fallen angels. Please tell me this was not a true Feast of Tabernacle experience. The hand of God intervened and we came home after only one night in the camp. It was a horrible experience for me.

    • I just thought I’d let you know, most Christian is pagan, Yahuah was a Israelite Hebrew. There was was no such word “Christian” at that time.
      Real christians are really simply born again believers.

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