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Let me introduce a new healthy airline, in face it is a Raw Vegan Airline,

How great would it be if an airline line the one I talk about in the video actually was true. All the food served on the plane was raw vegan. Vegetarians would love it. It would sure be a healthy way to travel. I would just travel for the food. Maybe one day they will serve raw food on planes but for not we have to continue to educate people about the raw food diet and the raw life.

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6 thoughts on “Finally A Raw Vegan Vegetarian Airline

  1. great idea, but not very practical. I worked as a flight attendant for 2 airlines for over 15 years. the cabin attendant are there for safety and not for food preparation. meals for a fight are prepared hours in advance. a lot of times the kitchen that prepare the food is not at the departure point. especially on over seas flights.. for me fresh juice should be consumed within 5 minutes of making to get the nutrients.

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