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Today we are at The Greenery Raw Cafe in Encinitas California. We were there for lunch. They had some delicious ready-made organic vegan raw food from their fridge that we had, raw pizza, sandwiches and much more.

After lunch the chef made a quick and simple recipe just for the members of The Raw Life Health Show. He also shares his views on cacao and agave nectar while making the recipe. The menu is on their web site Check out the amazing items.


7 thoughts on “Finally, Healthy Raw Food Recipes YUM! # 470

  1. Paul you do such good work to help support their business. I do not eat raw foods yet, but I hope to start. I’m reading VB’s book 12 steps to raw food and Green for life. I am glad to have you as a resource too, thank you. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. paul, i follow your channel everyday and i enjoy it. alot of good information, just too bad i’m no where near this restaurant. greetings from Israel, Amir

  3. @totallyrawsometvshow Their website says ” We use bio-compostable containers, utensils, plates, cups and bowls made from either corn, wheat, potato or sugarcane”.
    Pretty cool.. Check it out. Peace 🙂

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